Top 3 Photo Sharing Applications for Android

The effectiveness of visual display can not be over emphasized. A lot has changed in the way we make purchases, market and advertise, communicate, and even in the way we study. And almost in all these circumstances people want more visual scenes than they want to hold papers with texts. Remember those times when you finished telling your family and friends how your daughter’s birthday celebration went and they still ask if you have an online photo book somewhere they can see? Yes, because of the visual appealing and entertaining power of images. All images and videos can be edited with the right software. Such products of course cost a lot of money, but thanks to a pinnacle studio promo code, video and photo editing can be very affordable.

Now it is one thing to have saved some memory in visual form, and yet another to have a smart means of sharing them with friends and family. Blurb, SmugMug and ShutterFly are three known photo album sites where you can create your own photo books and share them with others. If you are an Android fan, like myself, here are the top 3 photo sharing applications, each for one of the sites mentioned above, you sure want to have in your device as they make photo sharing a bliss.

Smugfolio for SmugMug

Smugfolio is an Android application designed for SmugMug. It is a perfect app that helps users to better manage their gallery while facilitating batch uploads.

Features of Smugfolio

Offline access to photos: Smugfolio is a perfect app that would allow you to view and manage your SmugMug photos offline. It supports auto downloads as well.

Works with your device: It has a way of optimizing photo size to fit the device which ensures you have the best image quality whether you use a mobile device or your tablet. If you wanted full screen videos, then Smugfolio is a perfect choice.

Batch uploads: It allows users to batch upload multiple photos at a time in the background while they do other things with their device. It also allows for auto upload of photos and videos and provides perfect full screen slideshows.

Perfect photo sharing options: It makes it easier to share your photos with family and friends through email, facebook and twitter or by sending them the URL of your photos.

Among the features listed above, Smugfolio also supports uploads with geo-location. You can also view and add comments to your photos, view EXIF photo information, view photos by tags and delete photos and galleries.

User’s Feedbacks

With a dominant of 5 star ratings, it is obvious that Smugfolio actually does what it is designed to do. Most SmugMug users love that Smugfolio helps them to effortlessly access and share their photos. To some users, the fact that the app automatically sets a perfect resolution and photo size that works best with their device beat their expectation. They also commend other features like auto uploads, batch uploads, the ability to geo-locate photos, add comments and filter photos by tags; which makes it a complete solution for SmugMug lovers.


Comes with an easy user interface

Provides full screen slideshows

Supports multiple accounts

Allows multi-selection, bulk uploads, auto uploads and geo tagging.

Share gallery urls – urls automatically shortened by


Though Smugfolio is already a great app for Android, people could still use additional features like a “copy to clipboard” feature, ability to show portfolio without the watermark and the ability to long hold and select a URL.

ShutterFolio for ShutterFly

ShutterFolio is an android application designed for ShutterFly users. It is a perfect app that helps users to better manage their gallery with the ability to batch upload photos to their ShutterFly accounts..

Features of ShutterFolio

It supports offline photo viewing: While your device charges, ShutterFly auto downloads your photos for fast offline access. Downloads are automatically set to the best size for your device.

Upload photos in batches: ShutterFolio allows users to batch upload multiple photos at a time in the background. This activity doesn’t interface with any other operation. You can also set it to auto upload your images and videos right from your device gallery.

Perfect photo sharing options: ShutterFolio allows users to share their photos via email, facebook and twitter.

Additionally, it also allows users to explore their friend’s photos, hide albums from app, pinch to zoom, auto upload from any location, and a couple of other setting options which would, for instance, allow you to only auto upload when on wifi.

User’s Feedbacks

ShutterFolio is a lovely app that is mostly been used by Android and Kindle lovers. Most users were extremely satisfied and said that the app brought in the features that are not available at ShurtterFly which has enormously enhanced their user experience. Among other features, users love that it allows them to auto upload photos in batches while being able to geo-tag them, share them and set a couple of other features that would make the app work with their individual preferences.


Comes with a simple user interface

Provides full screen slideshows of a single album or all albums

Supports multiple accounts

Allows multi-selection, bulk uploads, auto uploads and geo tagging

Comes with cutting edge control options like pinch to zoom, crop picture to fit screen, change storage location to external SD card and the ability to control auto upload frequency


Users can not view shared sites on ShutterFly

Blurb App for Blurb (with Samsung’s GALAXY S4)

Blurb, the leading global creative publishing platform has announced its partnership with Samsung Electronics to take worldwide book and magazine print production to a whole new level with Samsung’s newly announced flagship smartphone, GALAXY S 4 and the Blurb App. This means that if you are using the GAXALY S4, you can now effortlessly create stunning print photo books and magazines right from your camera phone images.

According to Eileen Gittins, Blurb’s CEO and Founder “people love the convenience and immediacy of camera phone imagery and do appreciate physical artifacts owing to the increasingly digital turn of our lives”. Combining the cutting edge camera phone imagery of the Samsung GALAXY S4 with the easy production of books and magazines of the Blurb App, means taking enhanced digital and analog experience to the consumer’s door.

It was previously almost impossible to curate, design and order a book or magazine from a Smartphone. And as our lives become increasingly digital, this created a gap that begs for filling. This is the problem that Samsung and Blurb teamed up to solve. Now with the help of the pre-installed Story Album and the auto-generated layouts in GALAXY S4, you can instantly convert any of your curations into print-worthy publications.

Features of Blurb App

Blurb App is an exceptional online book publishing application that does not only allow users to curate stunning books and magazines but comes with professional formats and bookstore quality. Compared to other similar apps, here are some of its distinguishing features.

Ease of use: Blurb makes it easier for users to add photos to the book design. They also provide additional services like their willingness to email your print to different parts of the world.

Create different types of books: With Blurb, you can create different types of books including cookbooks, books about places, family events and even magazines. All your created books come with bookstore quality.

It’s affordable: It’s free to register and create any type of book. And you can make print orders from as little as $4.95.

Now, having read it all, these are the top 3 photo sharing applications for Android. The world is going more digital every single day, and these apps will instantly transform your digital and analog life by bringing cutting edge photo editing and sharing technology to the immediacy of your camera phone imagery.