Three Photo Sharing and Organizing Apps to Combine With Pinnacle Coupon

You no longer have to wait until you can use your PC before you could send that amazing shot to your friends and family and share it with colleagues and “virtual” friends. With your mobile devices and a few cutting apps, you can share all those wonderful shots and other media files with a single click. Then you can download pinnacle studio to further editing if needed.

Additionally, you also get to make any changes you’d like on your photos and videos before you share them; like add effects, add captions, geo tag them and control their privacy while uploaded on the internet. If this sounds like something you’d like to take advantage of, here are the three apps you need.


Photobucket website is an online photo sharing service that comes with wonderful but simple features. Basically, they allow users to create their own webpage where they can upload and share their photos with anyone anywhere. The free photobucket mobile app allows users unlimited access to their account from within their mobile device. This means you keep enjoying all the features of photobucket with your mobile, including finding whatever you want, taking photos and videos and sharing them.

Basic Features

Instant access – photobucket mobile app lets users take their photobucket with them anywhere anytime. You can search for photos and videos anytime and instantly upload your shots and video clips to your account.

Integration with social media – users can share their photos and videos on Twitter and facebook making it more fun to store photos and use photobucket. You can also download photos from your photobucket account at will.

Manage your photos – you can manage your photobucket albums right from within your mobile phone and tag individual photos for faster finding and access.

Multiple sharing options – despite sharing your photos and videos on facebook and twitter, you can also view links to photos and share them via email or paste the links on your blog.

User’s Feedback

With over 10 million installations and an average of 4 star ratings on Google Play, Photobucket is confirmed as one of the best free photo sharing apps out there for Android users. Most users said this is the best photo sharing app they have used and commended several of its versatile features, like its automatic photo uploads, armful of sharing options and the ability to geo-tag.


  • Photobucket is free
  • Comes with top-notch photo managing capabilities
  • Users can share their photos and videos on social media, via email or blogs
  • Auto uploads ensures you have your latest shots in your photobucket album


  • Be careful of the kind of shots you take as everything gets uploaded to photobucket
  • Users can only upload 10 minute videos

Picasa Mobile

Picasa is an online image organizer and viewer combining top notch photo editing tools with photo sharing applications. Picasa Mobile is a mobile app created by Jeff Pruett to allow Picasa users complete access to their Picasa account. With this app, you can upload, view and manage your photos just like you would with a PC.

Basic Features

Display featured photos – get access to the Picasa Official Featured Photos as thumbnails. A click on any of the thumbnails will open a HD photo you can view, save on your sdcard or use as your wallpaper.

Top-notch photo editor – you can add effects, redeye, contrast, and draw and customize your photos to suit your taste. You can also resize your photos before upload.

Picas search – you can search Google Picasa public photos from within the app and save to your favorite queries.

Effective photo management – manage your web album, view photos in slideshows, follow people and get their latest uploaded photos on your device with the ability to view and add comments.

Multiple Google accounts – Picasa Mobile supports multiple Google accounts. It also supports a wide range of Android devices running Android 2.2 and higher.

User’s Feedback on Pinnacle promo code

With an average of 4.3 star ratings and over 10 million installs from Google Play, users describe Picasa Mobile app with words like “this is what I’ve been looking for,” “it is so user friendly,” “it is so easy to use,” and many others. Many said they were able to transfer photos and media files from their mobile to their home PC with no hassles. According to a user, Picasa Mobile app is a great app in a great price and I totally agree.


  • It is free
  • It supports multiple Google accounts
  • It comes with professional photo editors
  • Users are offered effective means of managing their photos


  • Features may not work properly with devices running on Android versions below 2.2


Smugview is an iOS application designed for those who would love to have the best SmugMug experience from their mobile devices. It allows users reliable access to their SmugMug pictures and videos from their iPhone and iPad.

Basic Features

It works perfectly well with iPhones and iPads allowing users to manage their favorite galleries synchronize galleries for easy offline access to their media files and explore their galleries in list or grid view. Users can share their gallery link with any person anywhere with the ability to copy or save their pictures to their camera roll. You can view your videos on your TV with AirPlay if you have AppleTV. Additionally, you can configure slideshows and display EXIF information. You can customize the picture and video size and make the app work to your personal preferences by setting it up in iOS Settings. You can also use a pinnacle studio promo code to buy it for free.

User’s Feedback

SmugView for SmugMug has gathered quite a huge fan base with many users rating it as one of the best apps for SmugMug. It is obviously the best app for an enhanced SmugMug experience. To express their satisfaction with this app, users used words like “it is a great companion to SmugMug,” “a great app to spice up SmugMug,” “simple and elegant,” among others.


  • It is relatively affordable at $2.99
  • It supports a wide range of devices including iPhone 3GS and above, iPod touch (3rd generation and above) and iPad.
  • Allows users to effectively manage their photos and videos with good media sharing options


  • App may not properly work on old iOS devices
  • Now you read it all, my take on the best three apps you can use to share and organize photos. Surprisingly, you can also record, edit, organize and share videos with them.


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