Symantec Endpoint Protection Small Business Edition

This is a user friendly protection pack designed to give small businesses maximum protection from business and other security threats. It provides adequate, reliable and fast recovery services coupled with 99.9% elimination of risks, malware and spyware threats to critical business data and information. With the Symantec Endpoint protection Small Business Edition, business owners have to worry but just about one thing, the day-to-day running of their business, instead of spending a large percentage of their budget on combating business threats and risks – such a breathing space!


Symantec Endpoint Protection Small Business Edition is a complete package designed to secure businesses from threats and business crisis. It protects the assets and other valuable information of the business from malware and other known and potential threats. With this product there is no need to panic over spam threats because it will never allow such critical data to fall into the hand of  the “bad guys’. It offers fast and reliable recovery of systems or data. Its services include endpoint security, messaging security, backup and recovery security. It creates platforms for easy identification and access, to resolving threats and risk issues. It does not interfere with normal business activities, as it allows for quick recovery of data within seconds and thus saving business owners both time and money.

The default configuration of this user friendly suit does not require added training of any sort; it is self comprehensive and integrated with click-to-action buttons and guides. With this superior product, users are given pre-warning for a new threat in the community and provided with Symantec insights on the real time threats. This gives users not only the knowledge of the risk status within their environment but a global intelligent on security threats and events. Using this product offers business owners an undivided attention to their business without fear of any threat or Security Bridge – a reliable, well-to-do and user friendly package, a must for all business owners.


Symantec Endpoint Protection Small Business Edition offers undivided protection to business. It serves as a backbone to business processes and data management protection. At the rate with which malware and virus programs are been written today, no business can stand without adequate and cost-effective protection against these war far. The use of Symantec Endpoint Protection Small Business Edition ensures maximum protection with proven technologies that is as complex as the malware and virus world, but so simple for users for easy safeguard. It protects end-to-end interaction and offers reliable and complete data recovery services.

Despite the whole lot of tasks that this suit performs, its user interface is designed to be very simple and user friendly. It can be used effortlessly, without any complexity. Tasks are achieved within seconds and minutes. Its recovery system is automated, thereby lifting the whole task of critical information security and guidance. Thus, it ensures business continuity and minimal downtime, if any.

Finally and most importantly, symantec gives discount codes for all the products. You can find symantec endpoint protection coupon online in various tech blogs and coupon sites.


The Symantec Endpoint Protection Small Business Edition has three major unequal protection features; Endpoint Security, Messaging Security and Backup and Recovery Security.

Endpoint Security

It gives adequate protection against Antivirus and Antispyware which include market-leading antivirus protection, reduced memory footprint, new rootkit protection, and extended spyware protection. All these services can be managed by a single management console.

Messaging Security

Messaging security is provided with the help of the Symantec Brightmail technology – the best ever. With this technology, spam threats and other common threats received through mail messages becomes a complete story. It offers both inbound and outbound message scans, filtering services, automatic spam signature updates, and real time insight to the global growth trends and email usage.

Backup and recovery feature

This feature allows for easy, fast and reliable recovery of computer data and systems, automatically, without interrupting the normal business activities. It creates provision for easy customization, which helps the user decide how and when the recovery processes operates.

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