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Pinnacle Studio by Avid: Providing The Best Audio And Video Technology

Avid is the world’s top provider of media technology. It prides itself at the leading developer of the top most, high quality digital audio and video production technology. Its products have been used in a lot of films, audio and videos productions that won awards. The line of products at this firm includes those used for music and videos, TV shows, film stories and many other audio and video productions you may have seen on the big screen.

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What is new in Pinnacle Studio 21

Pinnacle Systems has created a wide range of hardware and software products, with its most known in video converter and editing. Here is an example of a device that helps you transfer and convert videos from VHS player to digital format.

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What Has The Software Achieved So Far

Avid has won several international awards among which are 2 Oscar® statuettes, a Grammy®, and 14 Emmys®. It is made up professional artists and experts like Storytellers, Musicians, Composers, Filmmakers, Students, Videographers, Producers, Sound mixers, and DJs. They are gathered for a single goal: to develop, test, tweak and advance the technology used in the media industry.

Avid has brought a great revolution to the technology in the media industry with recommendable software. Their services feature exceptional customer support representatives that will help you to bring your vision to reality.

Features of Pinnacle Studio and 40% Promotional Coupons

Pinnacle Studio 21 is a creative video editing software built with cutting edge features that make it just the best in the industry. The firm has issued 2 promo coupons which are applicable at checkout and reduce the price at 20%. Here are few of the wide range of features you could enjoy with this slick video software.

Where Can You Find Coupon Codes For Avid products and Pinnacle Studio

The company has given out several discount codes for its products. They either give them to their affiliates or their existing customers through the monthly newsletter. Each coupon can be used once per user and gives 15% - 20% discount. Pinnacle studio promo code can be found at Qetes.com.

Import your media

You can import videos and photos manually or automatically from any chosen device. This feature works perfectly well with camcorders, digital cameras, webcams, tablets, mobile phones, handheld audio recorders, and many others, like tape-based1 and analog devices 1.

Unlimited edit access

You can edit your videos anywhere, anytime with your iPad and the cloud. With integrated unlimited cloud access, you always have your media files handy. This software comes with Pinnacle Studio for iPad2 with which you can edit your work on the go and then transfer to Pinnacle Studio for polishing.

New User Interface

Pinnacle Studio 21 is designed with a new intuitive user interface that allows quick access to any tool that you require. The interface also helps to streamline your video-editing workflow hence you can create stunning multi-layer HD and picture in picture effects with frame-accuracy and key-frame editing.

New Split Screen Video

This video editing software has the capability of simultaneously showing multiple video streams thanks to the new split-screen video feature. You can create sophisticated promotional videos or simply share your latest trip highlights by dragging and dropping the clips on the interface.

New 3D Title Editor

Using the expanded tilting option, you can now add texts in 3D form to videos. Engage with your audience and also enhance your production by using the customizable and eye-catching tilting options.

New Save-as-Template

This feature lets you save completed video projects and fast-track your future projects as templates. After finishing your work, go to File, Save Movie as Template and then replace the media with placeholders. The new Save-as-Template feature is an amazing tool that's used to create standard introductions and exits for your videos.

Multi-Camera Editing

If you want to create more dynamic videos, Pinnacle Studio 21 is capable of combining footages from a number of devices. All you have to do is align and sync the clips by markers or with audio syncing. After that, select the angle that you want to show while the video plays.

Video Filters and Dynamic Effects

Polish your production and add excitement by using hundreds of customizable animated titles, video effects, and transitions. Create effects, enhance image colors, change the grey skies to blue etc. or add Motions to still images and videos by using the Pan and Zoom controls. Furthermore, you can still layer the clips and add more interest by using editing tools to crop the video directly in the pre-view pane or to create picture-in-picture effects.

Video and Photo Slideshows

To create video and photo slideshows, simply drag and drop photos, videos and music and let the automatic movie generator known as the SmartMovie do the rest of the work. To customize your movie, preview and edit your production in the timeline.

Create DVDs with Menus and Share Anywhere

Pinnacle studio 21 turns you into a video editing pro by turning your production into pro-quality discs with chapters, menus, and music or a DVD/AVCHD disc with customizable-themed menu-templates. After your video production is complete, this software has a sharing feature that allows you to upload and share your videos with family and friends on Facebook, Vimeo, and YouTube. You can either burn the video to a disc or export it to another device. Overall, Pinnacle Studio 21 is an amazing video editor that creates impressive and sophisticated videos. Feedback from users indicates that this editor is very user-friendly and simple to use. You can quickly add titles, match tracks and mix videos which you can export anywhere. Although some users have reported that the software can freeze when navigating from one feature to another, this problem only lasts for a few seconds.


Flawless installation. Intuitive user interface. The drag & drop user functionality is very smooth. You can export your videos in any size and format.


It can be difficult to export videos to some devices because the video editor may fail to detect them. The software is difficult to use and you have to spend a couple of hours to learn and practice how to use it. Pinnacle Studio 21 tends to get slow when it’s used for long periods. The longer you have it open, the slower it becomes.