Parallels Desktop for Mac 13 Upgrade Features

 Performance matters, so Parallels made the fastest faster again. Here’s a list of my favorite features :


Support for OpenGL and DirectX 10 making 3D graphics and web browsing up to 15% faster. The user can enjoy an up to 40$ increase in disk performance and the virtual machine operations are up to 25% faster.

Optimization for Cloud Use and File Syncing

Say good bye to unnecessary duplication of files locally. With Desktop 13, SkyDrive, Dropbox, Google drive, iCloud are optimized, so you can sync them either to your Mac or the Windows virtual machine.

Power NAP Support

The Power NAP feature now extends to windows and windows apps, so your applications are always up to date.

Enhanced Windows 8 and 8.1 Suport

Parallels Desktop 9 brings back the real Start Menu on Windows 8 and 8.1 and lets you use metro apps in a window instead of a full screen.

Thunderbold and Firewire Storage Device

The thunderbolt and firewire storage devices now connect directly to windows on your Mac.

Easy Multi monitor Set up

when using Windows in full screen and connecting to an external monitor, Parallels Desktop remembers those settings and extends full screen into the monitor.

Mac Features at Windows Apps

Not only do you have dictation for windows but Parallels Desktop adds the dictionary lookup gesture in windows apps.

All in One Security Center

Make sure you download and install the complementary security software trial subscription to keep those Mac and Windows safe from viruses and malware. Security center puts it all in one location.

New Virtual Machine Set Up Wizard

now, it’s easier than ever to set up or import a new virtual machine especially on computers that do not have DVD drives.

PDF Printer for windows

Print from any windows application to PDF on the mac desktop even if an app doesn’t have that functionality.

There’s more:

– editable keyboard shortcuts for windows

– significant enhancements for linux guests with share applications, shared folder profiles added support for popular distribution like Linux Mini and Linux Mageia, the latest Fedora.

How Much Does It Cost

With Parallels Promo Coupons things are getting even better. The initial price of the Parallels Desktop 13 is $79.99. If you have already an older version and want to upgrade it, then you pay $49.99. Now, if you redeem the promotional code or a bundle offer you will save around 20%.