What Is Norton Bootable Recovery And How Does It Work

A Usual Issue Among PC Users

If you are like me and have used your PC for a while now, chances are you have also faced those computer issues that disrupted your day and threatened the safety of delicate files in your PC. I have lost count of number of times I had to reformat my hard drive and delete the OS just so I could be free from stubborn malware programs and viruses. This continued until I became smarter and started using security tools that guaranteed the safety of my system from infections and uncalled computer catastrophes. Among the tools I now use is Norton Bootable Recovery Tool.

In A Few Words

I’ve tried several similar tools but Norton Bootable Recovery is the only one that delivers when others failed. It a slick program that is capable of holding your system in a low level boot while it gets rid of threats without loading into your Windows environment.

How Does Norton Bootable Recovery Tool Work?

In order to provide you complete protection from computer problems, Norton Bootable Recovery Tool is designed to accomplish two major tasks:

1. It makes it easier for you to create customized rescue media in a CD, DVD or USB storage device before your system becomes infected.

2. For those sudden moments when your computer becomes so infected that it won’t start, this tool helps you restore it to its normal working order.

To create the customized rescue media, simply download the Norton Bootable Recovery Tool wizard and follow the instructions therein. This is the media that would be used to start your computer in a safe environment in order to get rid of threats causing problems in your system.

What Does Norton Bootable Recovery Tool Do?

Norton Bootable Recovery Tool can help you during major software installations. For instance, if the installation of your Norton product fails, you can use this tool to scan and remove any security threats that may be causing unsuccessful installations. On the other hand, if your computer becomes infected to the extent your Windows Operating system won’t start, this tool will help you remove the threats and fully recover your computer.

Norton Bootable Recovery Tool will automatically download the latest virus definitions from Symantec servers which it uses to secure your computer from virus and latest security threats. If Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) is enabled, the virus definition will be automatically updated once your system is connected to the internet. If the virus definition is out of date, Norton Bootable Recovery Tool may not detect and remove the latest security threats. Hence it is paramount you provide supported internet connection.

Using Norton Bootable Recovery Tool for the First Time

You can start using the Norton Bootable Recovery Tool in four simple steps.

Step 1: Insert the Norton Bootable Recovery Tool media (CD, DVD, USD), in your system and Turn-on or Restart your computer.
Step 2: Enter the BIOS mode, select the media that contains the tool and press Enter.
Step 3: Make sure to go through the Norton License Agreement, key-in your Product Key, and then click I Agree.
Step 4: In the next Window, click Norton Advanced Recovery Scan, and in the next section click Start Scan.
Once the scan is completed, it displays a very comprehensive scan result where you get the chance to either Fix or Ignore results and or to run another Scan Again.

Norton Promotions And Coupons

Symantec’s marketing policy includes the regular issue of norton discount codes. Currently, there is a promotion in all Norton security products. Users can find norton coupon in technology websites, coupon sites and forums and apply them at check-out.

Why I love Norton Bootable Recovery Tool

If I were you reading this piece, I’d be looking for a section like this. Here are some of the reasons I chose Norton Bootable Recovery Tool.

  • It comes with a user-friendly interface and it really has little to no learning curve
  • It automatically updates its virus definition database
  • It provides actionable scan results
  • It is easy to install
  • Norton coupons. Symantec has released a number of discount codes and offers for its products like this one. Tech blogs like qetes.com, software forums or coupon sites like Groupon, usually have an updated a list of norton promo codes.
  • It delivers when other tools fail; it has saved me from deleting my Operating System a number of times.

What I Don’t Like

The virus definition in Norton Bootable Recovery Tool cannot update using a wireless network connection.