What Does Norton 360 Multi Device Offer

Symantec has created lots of security oriented software, starting from the Norton Antivirus to Internet Security and later to the Norton 360 and Norton 360 Premier. Recently the company introduced the Norton 360 Multi-Device, responding to the developing need of the users who now want to protect more devices than just one computer. For a complete review and specifications click here.

How Many Devices Do You and Your Family Own

If I asked you how many computers, tablets and phones you own you would probably come up with more than 3; your desktop PC, a laptop, maybe a tablet and of course your smartphone. If we added the rest of your family’s devices or your work computer then the number gets really big. People now carry lots of devices which share one thing in common: that they are almost constantly online and therefore ought to be protected. Protection means more than just antivirus. It means protecting the files and folders, contacts and information that you have on these devices so that in case of a malfunction or files get corrupted you can get those restored. You want to be able to find these mobile devices cause we often get misplaced, lost or stolen and you want to know where they are and be able to get them back.

So that’s the kind of protection that Norton 360 Multi Device brings to all of these types of devices. It’s a simple straight forward solution that protects in our new world of multiple devices.

Features of Norton 360 Multi-Device

We start out from Norton 360 Premier which is the Symantec’s best security solution for PCs. It includes 25Gb of online storage space. Not only do you get that great protection from Norton, but you get Tune-up capabilities and keep that PC running smoothly and the 25Gigs of online backup space which is synced with your hard disk’s files whenever there’s a change, so that if you ever have a problem with your device you get that data back from the cloud.

The next thing that’s included in the software is the Norton Internet Security for Mac. Not only does this protection get viruses but Mac users need protection when they go out and shop or buy online.

Finally, we have security for mobile devices; whether it is Android, Apple products like iPhone or iPad, you want to make sure that if you had a problem with them – maybe they get misplaced – you could get those back, and norton internet security does all that.

So, instead of looking for and buying different software to install and protect all your different devices, you can buy one solution. You get 5 licenses which you can mix and match with any of those devices and you get a great way to manage that with Norton’s web consult. You can go out on that web, see the device’s status, what kind of protection is on them. If you decided to upgrade from Mac to a PC you can just disable the protection on the Mac, transfer it onto the PC and you are all set, up and running.

What Else Does Symantec Offer

At the same time Norton brings all the latest protection, not just empty virus definitions but all new features and functionality and a whole new product if needed as part of your subscription. Symantec also has issued a Norton coupon code which brings a discount of 20% on your subscription.

If there are several smartphones in your family, e.g. an iPhone, Android or Symbian, a tablet, perhaps a couple of laptops and desktops, you can solve the internet security and backup issues once and for all with just one purchase. The price is just $69.99 for a year or $134.99 for two.