How To Make My Own DVD Movie

Have you ever wandered if you could make a DVD out of your personal selection of videos? A DVD with all your favorite videos or family moments, holidays, graduation or other ceremonies, your brother’s bachelor party or your sister’s wedding and other special moments? How about a DVD with your personalized menu, chapters and your own music? Well, now you don’t have to order a specialist to do that for your, because with Wondershare DVD Creator all the above are doable in a matter of minutes and with a few easy clicks.

Wondershare is a software manufacturer which specializes in photo and video editing. Its DVD Creator is a great success because it revolutionized film editing and burning. It’s priced $45.95, but with the Wondershare Promo Code you can have a 40% discount. Now let’s see how it works.

DVD Creator by Wondershare is really very easy to use, really basic to the point. The first thing you do is import the file and then it’s going to take you to a couple of steps before you make the menu and burn your disk. So, first step is to click Import button at the left column and bring in as many files as you want and then click Open.

wondershare dvd creator

step 2: Click Menu button to customize the menu for the DVD. You can change fonts and size of the titles, background color and images or choose entire templates that are ready for you. The software has many different templates with their own fonts, titles, background etc. and of course you can click on Download in the up right corner to import more of those templates from wondershare library. After you design the Menu to appear exactly how you would like it you can click on “Customize Background Music” button at the bottom of the player to import a song you want to play when the user is at the Menu of your DVD.

You can now preview the video. If you like the way it is click the Burn button above, tick “burn to disk” in the new dialog box, choose your burner and then click Burn. Once you click that button, your DVD is going to be ready to play at your DVD player in just a few minutes.

That’s it you can now create your own DVD and give a nice personalized gift to a loved one.