How To Find the Right IT Support Partners for your Business Online

As a business, it is imperative to be on top of your game in terms of technology and IT systems, or your company could risk becoming stale and old fashioned. Some companies have an in-house IT team that  provides the services they need, however it is often cheaper and more efficient to work alongside an outside company which offer online IT support.

What do you need IT Support Partners for?

Depending on your business and the complexity of your network systems, you may need an IT support partner just for things such as backup and disaster recovery, or you may need to outsource a whole IT services package.

Here are just some of the ways an IT support partner can assist you and your business:

-Security: A number one priority for anyone that uses computers and technology in their business is to be fully protected from the threat of viruses. Security can come in the form of anti-virus software to prevent spyware, malware and trojans, firewalls to prevent incoming threats and even content filtering to ensure your employees cannot access anything harmful to them or their computer.

-Data Backup and Disaster Recovery: Keeping your data backed up is extremely important and vital for any business, as it is able to recover that data in case of an emergency. A good IT support company should be able to offer you a package to keep your data safe.

-Cloud Servers: Hosted cloud servers are constantly growing in popularity, due to their ease of use and the costs they save many businesses. With a cloud server, you can expand your company’s capabilities without the worry of maintaining it yourself.

-General IT Support:  Computer crashed again? E-mail server not working? With an IT support behind you it is easy to get all problems fixed quickly and efficiently, preventing you loss of business and time.

The Importance of IT support

Now you should have a good idea of what you may need an IT support partner for, it comes to looking for one that will suit your needs. There are several things that a good company should be able to offer and provide, including the several items that are listed above, such as unlimited remoted and on-site support, data backup and restoration. When looking through the different companies online, make a list of the things that are most important to you and your business, whether that be spam protection or full server support and then ensure that you can find all of that within one company.

It is no good having several IT support companies all doing different things, as this will work out both expensive and confusing. Look for a company that offers a complete service, with just one point of contact (it’s better to have only one guy accountable than a batch of people who throw the ball to one another), to save you from trouble quick and easy.

When you have made a shortlist of the companies that offer everything you need in one place, it is time to look at the extras that you may not have thought to take into account.

Extras could be 24/7 support, if your business operates on a weekend, or during the night, then you will need them to be available during these times.

Also look for customer testimonials, or proof of previous big name clients. If an IT support company is lacking this information on their website, then it is probably because they do not have any, so it would be better to look elsewhere.

Finally, if you can find a company that is part of the HTG Peer Group, then this is the cream of the crop. This group is of around 2,500 worldwide companies that are recognised for their best practice services which are then shared with other IT companies. They are basically the leaders in their field, who teach the others how to do it properly!


When short listing IT support partners online first look to ensure they provide every service you need from that one company.

Next, look for the extras that they offer, such as 24/7 support or on-site assistance.

Finally, check their previous clients, testimonials and if they are part of recognised groups to select the best from your shortlist.