Get New Gadget for Your PC Installed by Certified Remote Computer Support Techies

live tech supportHave you ever gotten frustrated while reading through installation instructions for the new piece of hardware or software you just bought for your PC? Have you ever called customer service only to be put into an automated phone ring and bounced around for an hour before you finally found the answer to your problem? Have you ever bought a brand new piece of PC hardware only to find out that it was so intricate and tricky to install that you had to hire someone to come out and do it? Finally, have you ever paid a big box department store a small fortune to send one of their techies out to your house to install your latest PC gadget? If you answered yes to any of those questions, we have a solution for you that will eliminate your ever having to endure any of these hardships ever again.

Tech Support To Install Your New PC Hardware

Using a new service, you can now access tech support to install hardware or software for your computer through remote support. This tech support is an innovative system where you are connected to a live tech support agent through your internet connection, and they walk you through the entire installation process. In fact, the best part about this process is that this system has the capability to make a slave copy of your system. This means that once you have established an internet connection with your tech support agent, they will actually take control of your PC and complete the installation for you. All you will need to do is plug in the physical gadget or insert the software CD into the drive, and your certified remote computer support techie will take care of the rest.

This system has been in use for many years at the corporate level because of so many businesses which operate on multiple campuses. They could have one centralized IT department and still provide personalized service to locations all around the world through the internet. This same capability is now available to individuals using this service. You can take advantage of this service as a small business or as an individual and receive a very cost effective full service IT solution.

The pricing structures for this service also make it very affordable for both small businesses and individuals. As an individual you can pay per phone call to have your gadgets installed, or you can purchase a monthly plan as a small business. Both of these options give you pricing flexibility depending on your monthly volume of calls and your need for IT support. If you are a small business and you have the need for specialized support, you can actually sign a contract where you will have a dedicated tech support rep who will be your main contact for any of your IT needs. Rather than calling a generic line with your problems you can get your designated rep to solve your problems. This system will cut down on your hassle and will allow you to be much more productive at your business without having to waste precious time on IT projects.

This system is also useful as an individual because you can avoid the costly services offered by big box retailers. These services are very overpriced and do not provide the personalized level of care that you can receive from a certified remote computer support techie. This solution could free up your time to work on more valuable products and overall improve your quality of life. You will not be disappointed after trying this service and you will likely wonder what you ever did without it!

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