Four Data Recovery Applications

We store more data on our phones that ever before, which also means that we’re losing more data than ever before. Mobile devices are prone to lose data since they become the target of thieves; apart from that, many smartphones and tablets get lost every day. People fail to realize that just like for laptops and desktops, there are plenty of data recovery options for all kinds of smart phone and many of them won’t cost you a dime. We’ve listed four of the best data recovery and data backup apps for smartphones that appeal to a wide range of smartphone users.

Dumpster – The Beginner

Have you ever accidentally deleted the wrong picture or video on your phone and realized that there’s no way for you to ever retrieve it again? Did you also realize that if you did the exact same thing on your computer, you would just go to your computer’s recycle bin to retrieve that file with no problem. Dumpster is exactly that, and it gives you the option to recover your files in the event you delete something accidentally. It’s a great option for those who struggle a bit with technology or have a limited data plan and need a data recovery option that doesn’t require an internet connection. Additionally, it’s completely free so there’s really no reason at all not to have this one on your phone.

Carbonite – The Small Business Owner

Carbonite which has made waves as a data backup solution for businesses also has a mobile app for smartphone users. It will automatically backup all of your smartphone’s photos and videos, and protect valuable and secure data from others if it is lost or stolen. The strongest feature of Carbonite is its ability to backup all files and information across multiple devices to one consolidated and clean location. This makes it more of an ideal option for businesses or organizations that store large amounts of information that can easily get messy without some help.

Genie9 – The Tech Savvy User

If you happen to be a Windows user, and enjoy using software for backups then the Genie Backup Home 9.0 is a software package you should try out. Unlike other backup and data recovery options, Genie offers full, incremental and mirror backups, which give you a lot more flexibility if you plan on transferring files or information to a new location. They also provide backups for information not used by the common computer user, including ftp/ftps and networks. All of this comes with a beautiful and easy to use smartphone app where you can monitor backups and information on the go. This is an ideal app for the tech savvy or tech professional who may require a bit more out of their data backup plans than most users.

Lookout – For Everyone

I’m personally a huge fan and happy user of this data backup app as you get quite a lot out of it for just the free version. Data recovery of your contacts isn’t a problem with Lookout, as they automatically store your contacts in their database where you have the ability to download them at any time. Lookout can also automatically locate your phone on a map with an approximate address if it is lost, and if you know it is nearby, you can set it to “scream” which will make your phone generate a loud siren noise even if it is set on silent. If you believe your phone has been stolen, you can also lock and/or wipe the phone of its data. Lookout will also scan all the apps you download and other downloads you make on your phone for viruses, and inform you if they believe something is malicious. Again, all of this comes with the free version of the phone. By upgrading to premium, you are able to save photos and videos to their database along with call logs, and you can connect a network of phones to the plan, which makes it ideal for businesses. With Lookout’s great free features, and the option to go above and beyond what they already include, it’s a great option for the everyday smartphone user or a small business.