How To Transfer VHS to Computer with Pinnacle Video Transfer

Here’s a tutorial of how to use the Pinnacle Video Transfer if you want to convert your old video tapes to a digital format without using a computer and store them in your hard drive or DVDs.

First you have to plug the right cables in the one side of the transfer device as shown in the image.

Composite Connection: The orange cable is for the video. Its other end goes to the orange jack of our scart
Scart adaptor which connects the Pinnacle Video Transfer to our VHS. Here, the S Video is used.


There are two types of connection: the Composite Connection and the S Video Connection. In both ways the white cable goes to Audio Left and the red cable to Audio Right. However, in the Composite type you are going to be using an orange cable for the corresponding video jack, whereas in the S Video connection you will use the black cable and insert it into the S-Video jack.

Note that you will use either composite way (orange cable) or S Video (black); not both. You will either have the one or the other. Set the switch to the output and insert the scart in the back of the VHS.
Now, you have to connect the VHS to the pinnacle video transfer (PVT) device through a scart adapter. Insert the cables the same way as you did to the device explained above.

Finally, you connect the Pinnacle Video Transfer to power as well as a USB or a hard drive and your turn it on. There three quality options you can choose from, indicated by three led lights. One is good, two is best and three means best. Turn on also your VHS player and pop in a tape. You now press the play button on your VHS and now you’re ready to tap Record on your transfer device. The blue lights turn to red and the process is on the way. After the recording is complete, wait for a few moments for the device to finalize the video in the memory stick or the hard drive. Once the red light turns back into blue you are ready to remove your storage unit.

That’s it. Your video is now in a digital format (MP4).

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