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Differences Between Online Storage And Computer Storage

Did you know that you have the option to store your files e.g. photos, documents, videos etc. online and have access from all your devices remotely? Well, this is what many software manufacturers like Symantec now offer. It is an amazing tool, not only because you can access your files from anywhere, but also because

Importance of Shared Storage in Virtualization

First, let me remind you that shared storage is very important to a virtual infrastructure. That’s typically¬† where the virtual machines are stored and it allows many of the advanced features of a virtualization to be possible. If you are building a virtualization lab, very likely you would have some sort of low-end storage area

How to Build a Virtualization Lab in VMware Workstation

Why Build Virtualization Lab The first reason of course is learn virtualization first hand. It’s one thing to watch it in a video or read a book about it and it’s much different and much more educational to do it for yourself . But you don’t have to spend $10,000 to do that. Building a

Parallels Desktop for Mac 9 Upgrade Features

The Desktop 9 for Mac version of Parallels is the newest updated of the number 1 selling product that helps you run windows from a Mac computer without rebooting. It delivers more indispensable conveniences, cloud optimization, new OS support and other innovative features you want and need. Performance matters, so Parallels made the fastest faster
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