What is the Rule of Thirds in Photography and How to Use it

The rule of thirds is basically one way to improve the composition of a photo. Instead of taking a normal photo with the subject allocated randomly, the rule of thirds allows you to create more space and emphasize on your subject by giving it a little more promi-nence, more depth and better positioning.

Most cameras have a grid that divides the LCD screen in nine squares with two horizontal and two vertical lines. These lines can help you use the rule of thirds by plac-ing your point of interest along the four intersecting points. The rule of thirds can apply to most photography scenarios. You will notice a big difference when you shoot portraits, landscapes, buildings or flowers.

Shooting Landscapes

When shooting landscapes you place the horizon in the lower or higher line depending where you want to emphasize more. If you want to show more of the sky, the clouds or the moon you will place the horizon in the lower line but if you want to focus on the sea or a boat you may want to place the horizon on the top line of the grid. This way you say “this is the most important part of the photo, so I am giving it most of the weight”.

Shooting Portraits

The rule of thirds can apply to portrait shooting either the subject is near or further away. If you’re shooting headshots you should place one of the top intersecting points between the eyes. This will divide the face equally in two thirds and leave more space on the left or right. Another way to use the rule is to place the top horizontal line on the horizon with the head meeting in in one of the intersecting points. This way you will have a more dynamic view of the subject as well as the background.

Shooting Buildings

Imagine the third lines and place your building in one of the vertical ones. Then place the horizon in the lower third. There you go! Your photo has a much better composition than just placing the building at the center of your photo!

Shooting Flowers

I’ve seen some amazing quality images of flowers taken by profes-sional photographers with expensive cameras and lenses. The rule of thirds though can be ap-plied even if you’re using your smartphone. Get close to a flower and try placing the camera in one of the intersecting points. Notice the difference of the subject, the space and the background. It’s a better looking image isn’t it?

The rule of thirds can be applied in photos with the help of editing software too. You can edit and crop the image by using the grid in Lightroom or Avid’s pinnacle studio. If you apply the rule correctly, it will change the way you see things. It will give you and the viewer a different perspective.

For those of you who are interested in using an excellent and user-friendly editing tool without spending a fortune, I ‘d recommend looking for a pinnacle coupon and apply it before paying. You will save at least 15% off the price.

How to Rip a DVD with Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate

Wondershare offers various movie editing software like the Video Editor, the DVD Creator, YouTube Downloader, the Streaming Audio Recorder, Video Converter, Player. You can also find several photo editing tools like the Fantashow, the DVD Slideshow Builder and more. All the above software come for both Windows and Mac. Suppose you have used a Wondershare discount coupon to buy the video converter ultimate. Today, I am going to talk about this amazing software, I think it’s Wondershare’s most renown program and I will give you a quick rundown on how it can help you convert a DVD video file into basically any video format you want.

Insert the DVD in your player and browse in the software to find the video you want as shown in the image. Select the file to be ripped and then you have a huge selection of different video formats to choose from.

For example, you can select different versions of mp4, WMV, AVI, MOV, Xvid, all the MPEG formats and much more. Apart from that you can select any of those presets given there which apply to different phone operation systems like Apple, HTC, Nokia, as well as manufacturers like Sandisk Sansa, which will select the best format, the best aspect ratio and audio that it think you can use for that particular device.

Let’s say you want to convert your DVD movie to a format readable by an HTC smarphone. Click the HTC icon on the list which will give you a wide selection of all HTC models. After picking your phone model click the advanced settings to see more options for video and audio, like their encoder, resolution, frame and bit rates and channel type.

You are now ready to start ripping by clicking on the Start button and the right bottom. However, if you need more special changes, say you want to crop a part of the video or trim its ratio you can do it very easily by clicking the clip video and edit video icons respectively.

When the converting finishes it will appear in a subfolder in the My Documents, called wondershare video converter ultimate and you can then just drag and drop that file on your HTC device or use whatever application you want.

It’s a great piece of software which I highly recommend.


How To Build A Computer For Video Editing

Many serious computer users ask me: Should I build a computer myself? Well, I say yes, it’s like Lego for adults. If you want a machine for a particular demanding task or set of tasks, say for video or music rendering and editing, security serveillance etc, where you will be needing a computer to work at peak performance, you better put things down on a list; see what brands and models fit best to do your job, scrutinize compatibility issues and buy the pieces one by one. Let me tell you how I built my own for video editing purposes, very demanding stuff indeed. I used a Pinnacle discount coupon to buy the software which I now use quite a lot and I needed a good computer to do all the editing.


Let me start with the heart of the computer: the processor. I went for and Intel i7 ($569), and to be precise it’s the Intel i7 – 3930K. It’s unlocked, has 6 cores and runs in 3.2GHz. A 6-core processor with hyperthreading is going to act like a 12-core! The reason I chose that one is that it has a really good value for money when you compare it to the really top and Intel processors have like 32 cores in them and I checked their performance compared to the i7 but their price is over $2,000.



The next item is the motherboard. I chose the ASUS P9 X79 PRO. It’s true that my processor was very limited on how many different motheboard models was compatible with. It’s got 6Gb/s and 3Gb/s eSATA support, 6 ports of USB 3.0 – this is ten times faster than the 2.0 which takes plug & play into a whole new level; this is very helpful for when I am transferring huge files from external disks or flashes – Bluetooth, crystal clear sound powered by DTS Connect, and a whole batch of new features I had not used before.


Next stop is the memory. I went for the Corsair Vengeance which has 32Gb of RAM, is DD3 type at 1600MHz and consists of 4 separate pieces of 8Gb each. Basically, I was looking at newegg.com for the qualified RAM for that particular motherboard I got, and I was really confused on how those part numbers related to the part numbers on the tables. So, I read hundreds of user comments for every product there, and there was that person saying that ther RAM didn’t work for the motherboard. So, I kind of cheated a little bit and I went through the comments and several people had used this Corsair Vengeance RAM successfully.

Corsair Vengeance RAM 32GB

Graphics Card

I had to read lots of comments regarding the EVGA GeForce GTX 680 FTW ($599) which comes with 4Gb RAM in 256-bit GDDR5 and it’s in FTW. There was a batch of other options as well in Nvidia, the 2000 and 4000 Quadro series which are supposed to be designed for this type of graphics work. But if you got to this benchmark site for premier Pro, and you look at the top 80 cards, of the comparisons, over a thousand users submitted their test to it, this particular card is always on top. The first one of the Quadra series to appear on the list, the 4000, ranks number 80. So, the EVGA I chose from all the cards I tested did excellent.

EVGA GeForce GTX 680

Water Cooling System

With all the above monsters, I would definitely need something to cool them down since I was planning to overclock my i7 processor. I went with the Corsair H100i. It’s really a good cooler and with it I also got 2 fans. They are super quiet and keep the system really cool although I work for hours pushing the system to its limits.

Corsair H100i cooler

Hard Drives

For my main hard drive, that is the one I install the OS and software in, I picked the Corsair Force GT SATA 3, SSD type with 240Gbs. This is perfect for my Mac Operating Systems and programs like DaVinci Resolve Lite, Premier Pro, Pinnacle Studio and After Effects. Of course, I am using a bunch of other, older hard drives, some having a Terabyte inside, to store my files.

Corsair Force GT SATA 3 240GB


I installed Windows Professional 7 because I would be able to access all the 32Ghz up to 64GHz of the processor.

Media Reader

I got the Kingston media reader, for which I read some really good reviews. It’s a USB3 and I can transfer my documents quite quickly now, especially compared to my old one. So, off loading my media is a lot faster.

Power Supply

For my power I got the Corsair HX750. Now, many of you will say, I should have got a 1000Watts. Well, I’ve done the calculations for this particular bild and it came out at about 450Watts with 1 graphics card. Premier pro doesn’t take advantages of two graphics cards, so if I were to add a second card that would add more draw to the power, I decided to go with this option which even if I add a second one and a tone more drives, I would still be under 750 Watts. I am not sure why every body says I need to get like a thousand watts power supply.

Corsair power supply

Corsair power supply

fractal_design_define_r4_arctic_whiteComputer Case

Well, all the above should have a place to reside, right? I picked the Fractal Design Define R4, Arctic White ($110) which was recommended by many guys online. It works really quiet and it’s nice and sleek with excellent noise dampening on both side panels.

Wondershare Coupons Filmora Dr Fone Discount Coupon Code

Wondershare Coupons

iSkysoft Audio Recorder for Windows
Dr.Fone - Android Data Recovery
Dr.Fone - iOS Private Data Eraser
Filmora Video Editor
Wondershare Video Converter Pro
Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate for Mac

Wondershare: The Leading Supplier Of Consumer Software Products

Wondershare is a world-class diversified consumer software products supplier and services provider founded since 2003. With a head office in Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Wondershare uses the skilled work-force in China to produce diversified software products that individuals and businesses can get at half the retail cost.

How Wondershare products work

The most known products are the DVD Creator, DVD ripper and Video Converter. Here’s a short tutorial showing how to convert, edit and download videos, as well as convert or burn DVDs:

What Makes Wondershare Unique?

wondershare discount couponThis software manufacturer provides the solution-oriented software products that make digital life easy and fun. It provides four major unequal products among which are:

Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate: It can be used to convert any video file; DVDs and videos to video in any format and burn them into a disc or copy to any device.

Wondershare DVD Slideshow Builder Deluxe: It can turn photos and videos into DVD movies and share on TV, Facebook, YouTube, iPhone and any other place.

Wondershare PDF Converter Pro: It can convert scanned PDF file to a text-based document with the integrated OCR technology.

Wondershare Data Recovery: It can restore any lost data from your PC or from any other storage media.

Wondershare is a certified firm. It operates with the certificate of National High-Tech Enterprise given by the Ministry of Science and Technology of the People’s Republic of China, it is rated the top distributor of consumer software in china and beyond.

How to use the Wondershare Coupons

After ordering your products at wondershare.com, at the check out there’s an optional coupon code field you might want to fill to get a discount off your order. You click the special coupon links above this article to see the code appearing in the pop-up window, you write it down or copy it and then you type it at that field. The offer then is discounted from the total. Then you share this page to your social media.

Top 2 Apps For Flickr Users

With DSLR cameras becoming more accessible to ordinary consumers, photo sharing and photo print products has almost become a norm in our society. Now with a mobile device one can take almost unlimited shots of one’s favorites and store, organize and create a photo album off them. Additionally, there are also almost endless lists of photo editing apps designed to help people better create stunning photos and storystreams with their shots. One of such apps with remarkable recommendation is Picasa.

Picasa is a popular image organizer and viewer used for organizing and editing digital photos. It is integrated with a photo sharing website called Picasa Web Albums (PWA) to enable users share their photos with ease.

Now, a very similar website to PWA is Flickr, a popular media hosting website where people host and share their personal photographs. However, Flickr has become the media home on which bloggers host the images they embed in their blogs and social media thereby making it one of the biggest media host on the internet. If you are one of those who use Flickr almost on daily basis or perhaps an individual who just fancy this photo platform, here are the top 3 apps you should consider having installed in your device to enhance your Flickr experience.

Flickit Pro

Flickit Pro is an app designed to enhance Flickr experience on iPhones, iPod Touch and iPad. It is a product from the Green Volcano Software and requires iOS 4.0 and later.

Basic features

Photoflow –  A clean photo navigation feature resembling Cover Flow on iPods or in iTunes. Additionally, users can enable the tilt ‘mode’ so they can scroll through photos using their device accelerometer.

Infinite Scrolls – Perhaps you have a photostream on Flickr with thousands of photos. With Flickit Pro you can just scroll through them endlessly as a single list of photos without any waiting time that may distract your browsing.

Batch Uploads – Flickit Pro enables users to upload their photos in batches instead of one by one. Additionally, users can also choose sets, tags or groups, and set metadata defaults. You can also auto post to twitter and other logging services, and if you are using a device with 3GS, you can even upload videos.

Favorite Contacts – With Flickit Pro you can create a customized list of favorite contacts so you get to follow only your family and friends or get updates only from those your cherish their work.

In addition to all these cutting edge features, Flickit Pro will also allow you to get details on photos, including reading comments on them and being able to add your own comments. You can also view Flickr videos, find photos with keyword search, view nearby photos and explore other interesting photos on Flickr right from your mobile device. Flickr Pro sells for a mere $4.99.

What The Users Think of Flickit

Flickit Pro is a popular app that has gained way too much popularity among Flickr lovers because of the wealth of features it provides. Many users have used and continue to recommend this app based on its ease of use, the ability to multi-upload and organize photos in a way to suit the user. This is the one app that combines almost all features of other 3rd party apps for Flickr, even those that couldn’t be found on other apps. For instance, while no other app supports putting photos into multiple sets, Flickit Pro allowed a user to conduct a 365 project right from his device.


  • Supports multiple photo uploads
  • Upload and view videos
  • Cutting edge photo organizing features
  • Exceptional photo navigation features


App might be slow on some devices. If this happens to you be sure you are using the latest version and running on the recommended iOS.


FlickFolio for Flickr

FlickFolio is an app designed to facilitate Flickr photo gallery organizing and batch uploads from Android devices. It is a perfect app that excels at offline viewing.


FlickFolio grows with your device – It is perfect for tablets running on Honeycomb (Android 3.0), comes with a native functionality that is ICS (Android 4.0) ready, and decodes JPG on Android 2.3.3+ devices.

Supports offline viewing – With FlickFolio, you can auto download your photos and take them anywhere you go with you. To make sure this doesn’t interface with other commands on your device, the auto downloads are made small and syncs when your phone is charging.

Unlimited exploration – Explore Flickr to its fullest; find photos that interest you, create contacts, find groups and create favorites. Find details to reach photo, see their comment and add your own comments.

Make stunning presentations – You can use FlickFolio to make a clean presentation to family and friends or to your clients. The app automatically optimizes your photo size to fit your device; your phone or tablet.

Supports batch uploads – You can upload photos in batches in the background while you do other things with your device. You can simply share photos from your gallery with FlickFolio to upload them or set up your auto uploads to add your photos and videos to your photostream.

Ease of use with amazing UI – FlickFolio comes with an amazing user interface that is not only easy to use but presents all the control options in a clean pattern. You can view photos in full screen slideshows, move photos between albums, upload with geolocation and share your photos via email, facebook and twitter.

It is reasonably priced – Regardless of all its features, FlickFolio sells for $2.99

What The Users Think of FlickFolio

With a dominant of 5 star ratings on independent review sites like Amazon.com, and on some app listing sites, FlickFolio seems to have built a huge database of well satisfied users.  Users love its boatload of functionalities, customization and control options. The fact that one can schedule batch uploads at the background which doesn’t interface with other activities on the device made it a worthy app for some users. Additionally, many people loved that they were able to get such a great app at fewer than 3 bucks.


  • Supports batch uploads
  • Auto optimizes image to fit device screen
  • Accommodates different Android OS versions and grows with your device
  • Provides great offline access to photos


A few customers had problems with logging in and staying logged in on Kindle Fire device.


20% Pinnacle Studio Coupons Promo Code Ultimate Coupon

Check the list below for the latest Pinnacle Studio promo codes

PINNACLE STUDIO 22 - Click For Coupon



DAZZLE DVD Recorder HD - Click For Coupon

Pinnacle Studio by Avid: Providing The Best Audio And Video Technology

Avid is the world’s top provider of media technology. It prides itself at the leading developer of the top most, high quality digital audio and video production technology. Its products have been used in a lot of films, audio and videos productions that won awards. The line of products at this firm includes those used for music and videos, TV shows, film stories and many other audio and video productions you may have seen on the big screen.

Norton security coupons can be found here.

What is new in Pinnacle Studio 21

Pinnacle Systems has created a wide range of hardware and software products, with its most known in video converter and editing. Here is an example of a device that helps you transfer and convert videos from VHS player to digital format.

Check this introductory video tutorial out, made my PinnacleStudioLife:

What Has The Software Achieved So Far

Avid has won several international awards among which are 2 Oscar® statuettes, a Grammy®, and 14 Emmys®. It is made up professional artists and experts like Storytellers, Musicians, Composers, Filmmakers, Students, Videographers, Producers, Sound mixers, and DJs. They are gathered for a single goal: to develop, test, tweak and advance the technology used in the media industry.

Avid has brought a great revolution to the technology in the media industry with recommendable software. Their services feature exceptional customer support representatives that will help you to bring your vision to reality.

Features of Pinnacle Studio and 40% Promotional Coupons

Pinnacle Studio 21 is a creative video editing software built with cutting edge features that make it just the best in the industry. The firm has issued 2 promo coupons which are applicable at checkout and reduce the price at 20%. Here are few of the wide range of features you could enjoy with this slick video software.

Where Can You Find Coupon Codes For Avid products and Pinnacle Studio

The company has given out several discount codes for its products. They either give them to their affiliates or their existing customers through the monthly newsletter. Each coupon can be used once per user and gives 15% - 20% discount. Pinnacle studio promo code can be found at Qetes.com.

Import your media

You can import videos and photos manually or automatically from any chosen device. This feature works perfectly well with camcorders, digital cameras, webcams, tablets, mobile phones, handheld audio recorders, and many others, like tape-based1 and analog devices 1.

Unlimited edit access

You can edit your videos anywhere, anytime with your iPad and the cloud. With integrated unlimited cloud access, you always have your media files handy. This software comes with Pinnacle Studio for iPad2 with which you can edit your work on the go and then transfer to Pinnacle Studio for polishing.

New User Interface

Pinnacle Studio 21 is designed with a new intuitive user interface that allows quick access to any tool that you require. The interface also helps to streamline your video-editing workflow hence you can create stunning multi-layer HD and picture in picture effects with frame-accuracy and key-frame editing.

New Split Screen Video

This video editing software has the capability of simultaneously showing multiple video streams thanks to the new split-screen video feature. You can create sophisticated promotional videos or simply share your latest trip highlights by dragging and dropping the clips on the interface.

New 3D Title Editor

Using the expanded tilting option, you can now add texts in 3D form to videos. Engage with your audience and also enhance your production by using the customizable and eye-catching tilting options.

New Save-as-Template

This feature lets you save completed video projects and fast-track your future projects as templates. After finishing your work, go to File, Save Movie as Template and then replace the media with placeholders. The new Save-as-Template feature is an amazing tool that's used to create standard introductions and exits for your videos.

Multi-Camera Editing

If you want to create more dynamic videos, Pinnacle Studio 21 is capable of combining footages from a number of devices. All you have to do is align and sync the clips by markers or with audio syncing. After that, select the angle that you want to show while the video plays.

Video Filters and Dynamic Effects

Polish your production and add excitement by using hundreds of customizable animated titles, video effects, and transitions. Create effects, enhance image colors, change the grey skies to blue etc. or add Motions to still images and videos by using the Pan and Zoom controls. Furthermore, you can still layer the clips and add more interest by using editing tools to crop the video directly in the pre-view pane or to create picture-in-picture effects.

Video and Photo Slideshows

To create video and photo slideshows, simply drag and drop photos, videos and music and let the automatic movie generator known as the SmartMovie do the rest of the work. To customize your movie, preview and edit your production in the timeline.

Create DVDs with Menus and Share Anywhere

Pinnacle studio 21 turns you into a video editing pro by turning your production into pro-quality discs with chapters, menus, and music or a DVD/AVCHD disc with customizable-themed menu-templates. After your video production is complete, this software has a sharing feature that allows you to upload and share your videos with family and friends on Facebook, Vimeo, and YouTube. You can either burn the video to a disc or export it to another device. Overall, Pinnacle Studio 21 is an amazing video editor that creates impressive and sophisticated videos. Feedback from users indicates that this editor is very user-friendly and simple to use. You can quickly add titles, match tracks and mix videos which you can export anywhere. Although some users have reported that the software can freeze when navigating from one feature to another, this problem only lasts for a few seconds.


Flawless installation. Intuitive user interface. The drag & drop user functionality is very smooth. You can export your videos in any size and format.


It can be difficult to export videos to some devices because the video editor may fail to detect them. The software is difficult to use and you have to spend a couple of hours to learn and practice how to use it. Pinnacle Studio 21 tends to get slow when it’s used for long periods. The longer you have it open, the slower it becomes.

Top 3 Photo Sharing Applications for Android

The effectiveness of visual display can not be over emphasized. A lot has changed in the way we make purchases, market and advertise, communicate, and even in the way we study. And almost in all these circumstances people want more visual scenes than they want to hold papers with texts. Remember those times when you finished telling your family and friends how your daughter’s birthday celebration went and they still ask if you have an online photo book somewhere they can see? Yes, because of the visual appealing and entertaining power of images. All images and videos can be edited with the right software. Such products of course cost a lot of money, but thanks to a pinnacle studio promo code, video and photo editing can be very affordable.

Now it is one thing to have saved some memory in visual form, and yet another to have a smart means of sharing them with friends and family. Blurb, SmugMug and ShutterFly are three known photo album sites where you can create your own photo books and share them with others. If you are an Android fan, like myself, here are the top 3 photo sharing applications, each for one of the sites mentioned above, you sure want to have in your device as they make photo sharing a bliss.

Smugfolio for SmugMug

Smugfolio is an Android application designed for SmugMug. It is a perfect app that helps users to better manage their gallery while facilitating batch uploads.

Features of Smugfolio

Offline access to photos: Smugfolio is a perfect app that would allow you to view and manage your SmugMug photos offline. It supports auto downloads as well.

Works with your device: It has a way of optimizing photo size to fit the device which ensures you have the best image quality whether you use a mobile device or your tablet. If you wanted full screen videos, then Smugfolio is a perfect choice.

Batch uploads: It allows users to batch upload multiple photos at a time in the background while they do other things with their device. It also allows for auto upload of photos and videos and provides perfect full screen slideshows.

Perfect photo sharing options: It makes it easier to share your photos with family and friends through email, facebook and twitter or by sending them the URL of your photos.

Among the features listed above, Smugfolio also supports uploads with geo-location. You can also view and add comments to your photos, view EXIF photo information, view photos by tags and delete photos and galleries.

User’s Feedbacks

With a dominant of 5 star ratings, it is obvious that Smugfolio actually does what it is designed to do. Most SmugMug users love that Smugfolio helps them to effortlessly access and share their photos. To some users, the fact that the app automatically sets a perfect resolution and photo size that works best with their device beat their expectation. They also commend other features like auto uploads, batch uploads, the ability to geo-locate photos, add comments and filter photos by tags; which makes it a complete solution for SmugMug lovers.


Comes with an easy user interface

Provides full screen slideshows

Supports multiple accounts

Allows multi-selection, bulk uploads, auto uploads and geo tagging.

Share gallery urls – urls automatically shortened by bit.ly


Though Smugfolio is already a great app for Android, people could still use additional features like a “copy to clipboard” feature, ability to show portfolio without the watermark and the ability to long hold and select a URL.

ShutterFolio for ShutterFly

ShutterFolio is an android application designed for ShutterFly users. It is a perfect app that helps users to better manage their gallery with the ability to batch upload photos to their ShutterFly accounts..

Features of ShutterFolio

It supports offline photo viewing: While your device charges, ShutterFly auto downloads your photos for fast offline access. Downloads are automatically set to the best size for your device.

Upload photos in batches: ShutterFolio allows users to batch upload multiple photos at a time in the background. This activity doesn’t interface with any other operation. You can also set it to auto upload your images and videos right from your device gallery.

Perfect photo sharing options: ShutterFolio allows users to share their photos via email, facebook and twitter.

Additionally, it also allows users to explore their friend’s photos, hide albums from app, pinch to zoom, auto upload from any location, and a couple of other setting options which would, for instance, allow you to only auto upload when on wifi.

User’s Feedbacks

ShutterFolio is a lovely app that is mostly been used by Android and Kindle lovers. Most users were extremely satisfied and said that the app brought in the features that are not available at ShurtterFly which has enormously enhanced their user experience. Among other features, users love that it allows them to auto upload photos in batches while being able to geo-tag them, share them and set a couple of other features that would make the app work with their individual preferences.


Comes with a simple user interface

Provides full screen slideshows of a single album or all albums

Supports multiple accounts

Allows multi-selection, bulk uploads, auto uploads and geo tagging

Comes with cutting edge control options like pinch to zoom, crop picture to fit screen, change storage location to external SD card and the ability to control auto upload frequency


Users can not view shared sites on ShutterFly

Blurb App for Blurb (with Samsung’s GALAXY S4)

Blurb, the leading global creative publishing platform has announced its partnership with Samsung Electronics to take worldwide book and magazine print production to a whole new level with Samsung’s newly announced flagship smartphone, GALAXY S 4 and the Blurb App. This means that if you are using the GAXALY S4, you can now effortlessly create stunning print photo books and magazines right from your camera phone images.

According to Eileen Gittins, Blurb’s CEO and Founder “people love the convenience and immediacy of camera phone imagery and do appreciate physical artifacts owing to the increasingly digital turn of our lives”. Combining the cutting edge camera phone imagery of the Samsung GALAXY S4 with the easy production of books and magazines of the Blurb App, means taking enhanced digital and analog experience to the consumer’s door.

It was previously almost impossible to curate, design and order a book or magazine from a Smartphone. And as our lives become increasingly digital, this created a gap that begs for filling. This is the problem that Samsung and Blurb teamed up to solve. Now with the help of the pre-installed Story Album and the auto-generated layouts in GALAXY S4, you can instantly convert any of your curations into print-worthy publications.

Features of Blurb App

Blurb App is an exceptional online book publishing application that does not only allow users to curate stunning books and magazines but comes with professional formats and bookstore quality. Compared to other similar apps, here are some of its distinguishing features.

Ease of use: Blurb makes it easier for users to add photos to the book design. They also provide additional services like their willingness to email your print to different parts of the world.

Create different types of books: With Blurb, you can create different types of books including cookbooks, books about places, family events and even magazines. All your created books come with bookstore quality.

It’s affordable: It’s free to register and create any type of book. And you can make print orders from as little as $4.95.

Now, having read it all, these are the top 3 photo sharing applications for Android. The world is going more digital every single day, and these apps will instantly transform your digital and analog life by bringing cutting edge photo editing and sharing technology to the immediacy of your camera phone imagery.

How To Transfer VHS to Computer with Pinnacle Video Transfer

Here’s a tutorial of how to use the Pinnacle Video Transfer if you want to convert your old video tapes to a digital format without using a computer and store them in your hard drive or DVDs.

First you have to plug the right cables in the one side of the transfer device as shown in the image.

Composite Connection: The orange cable is for the video. Its other end goes to the orange jack of our scart
Scart adaptor which connects the Pinnacle Video Transfer to our VHS. Here, the S Video is used.


There are two types of connection: the Composite Connection and the S Video Connection. In both ways the white cable goes to Audio Left and the red cable to Audio Right. However, in the Composite type you are going to be using an orange cable for the corresponding video jack, whereas in the S Video connection you will use the black cable and insert it into the S-Video jack.

Note that you will use either composite way (orange cable) or S Video (black); not both. You will either have the one or the other. Set the switch to the output and insert the scart in the back of the VHS.
Now, you have to connect the VHS to the pinnacle video transfer (PVT) device through a scart adapter. Insert the cables the same way as you did to the device explained above.

Finally, you connect the Pinnacle Video Transfer to power as well as a USB or a hard drive and your turn it on. There three quality options you can choose from, indicated by three led lights. One is good, two is best and three means best. Turn on also your VHS player and pop in a tape. You now press the play button on your VHS and now you’re ready to tap Record on your transfer device. The blue lights turn to red and the process is on the way. After the recording is complete, wait for a few moments for the device to finalize the video in the memory stick or the hard drive. Once the red light turns back into blue you are ready to remove your storage unit.

That’s it. Your video is now in a digital format (MP4).

Pinnacle Software and Studio Promo Codes

Pinnacle has a long line of products, software and hardware which are used both by amateurs and professional video editors. The Pinnacle software and Intel processors are very compatible. You can also find a pinnacle studio promo code online and take 20% off the price.

Pinnacle Systems and Intel Core i7 processors

These days, there is a really digital lenses explosion and all consumers are actually capturing media in their digital form. More and more this digital content is turning into high resolution.

Is Pinnacle Studio 17 compatible with Intel Core i7?

The i7 processor by Intel Core helps do HD editing very well compared to others. It´s now becoming possible for mainstream consumers to use configurations based for instance on the core i7 that are going to decouple their power and get them to focus on the creative thing instead of having to wait for the processes to complete.

A video editor might need to have 4 windows flying around their screen which are all high definition scaled windows with maybe an effect on them. To do that in a rendered environment is a long laborious task. With the Core i7 the editors can do that stuff fast.

Pinnacle has been creating hardware and software, related to video recording and editing. Since, the majority of these products are intended to professionals, are quite expensive. You can redeem our Pinnacle System coupons and save from your orders.

How To Make My Own DVD Movie

Have you ever wandered if you could make a DVD out of your personal selection of videos? A DVD with all your favorite videos or family moments, holidays, graduation or other ceremonies, your brother’s bachelor party or your sister’s wedding and other special moments? How about a DVD with your personalized menu, chapters and your own music? Well, now you don’t have to order a specialist to do that for your, because with Wondershare DVD Creator all the above are doable in a matter of minutes and with a few easy clicks.

Wondershare is a software manufacturer which specializes in photo and video editing. Its DVD Creator is a great success because it revolutionized film editing and burning. It’s priced $45.95, but with the Wondershare Promo Code you can have a 40% discount. Now let’s see how it works.

DVD Creator by Wondershare is really very easy to use, really basic to the point. The first thing you do is import the file and then it’s going to take you to a couple of steps before you make the menu and burn your disk. So, first step is to click Import button at the left column and bring in as many files as you want and then click Open.

wondershare dvd creator

step 2: Click Menu button to customize the menu for the DVD. You can change fonts and size of the titles, background color and images or choose entire templates that are ready for you. The software has many different templates with their own fonts, titles, background etc. and of course you can click on Download in the up right corner to import more of those templates from wondershare library. After you design the Menu to appear exactly how you would like it you can click on “Customize Background Music” button at the bottom of the player to import a song you want to play when the user is at the Menu of your DVD.

You can now preview the video. If you like the way it is click the Burn button above, tick “burn to disk” in the new dialog box, choose your burner and then click Burn. Once you click that button, your DVD is going to be ready to play at your DVD player in just a few minutes.

That’s it you can now create your own DVD and give a nice personalized gift to a loved one.