How to Download and Install the Norton 360

Currently there are more than 11 million downloads of norton software per year. This clearly shows the effectiveness of Symantec’s antivirus and internet security services. Also, the ongoing norton coupon policy is giving an extra motivation to users.

This posts will direct you through the process of downloading and installing the Norton products which are registered to your account. First of all go to from the computer you want to install the norton software into. Click the Sign In button and type your norton account email and password. This was the email you used when you bought and registered your product. Once you are logged in you will be seeing all the Norton products which are registered to your account.

norton 360 installation

Find the current product with the correct product name and expiration date and click the Download button to the right as shown in the image above.

Then click on Download on the next page and follow the instructions shown in the pop up box.

download install norton 360

Once you click the Run button the download process starts. After the download is complete the installation step sets in automatically and takes less than a minute, after which the product is ready to work.

install norton 360

Now, click the Explore button to check out the internet security software. All the different components and features of Norton 360 will start working.

Configuring Norton 360

You can now setup the Online backup feature by browsing through your hard drives and selecting those folders and particular files you want saved online. This way you are going to have remote access to those files and of course be able to download them back to your computer should any technical mishap (hard disk crash, pc gets stolen, accidental deletion) takes place. All files are synchronized to the last save.

If you have any problem accessing your norton account visit

What Is The Latest Version Of Norton 360

norton 360 premier 2014Norton has been updated every year since it first came out in February 2004. Actually, its first name was Genesis which had been released the year before as part of Symantec’s new life of security products intended to offer an all-in-one software; antivirus, anti-phishing, computer maintenance and file backup. It soon became a hit and now Norton 360 is Symantec’s most famous software. That’s why there are two more versions of the same product, each one focusing on special needs of the users:

norton 360 latest versions1. The Norton 360 Premier which offers 25GB of online storage space instead of the 2GB given by the plain Norton 360, and

2. The Norton 360 MultiDevice which is a big bundle consisting of the Norton Internet Security for Mac®m, the  Norton 360 Premier Edition I talked about above and the Norton Mobile Security which as the name indicates applies to smartphones.

Here’s a quick video walkthrough showing the latest version, the Norton 360 v6, and its 4 main features:

Here’s how to find a coupon for a Norton product registered to your account.