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Cloud Storage: Making Use of Virtual Storage Space

Not A Matter Of If But Of When It is inevitable that one day your hard drive will crash completely. When this occurs, all of the data contained on it will be lost unless you pay expensive data retrieval fees from a technician. Instead of having everything of value to you erased for good, you

5 Ways Cloud Storage Can Boost Your Marketing Efforts

At first glance, it may seem like cloud computing is best left to the IT department, while marketing mavens concentrate on getting out the company message and building a brand. However, cloud resources can actually enhance marketing efforts through accessibility, security, document organization and recovery and ease of sharing, according to direct response strategist Conrad

Choosing The Right Partner For Your Computer Recovery Plan

What would happen if all of your business data suddenly vanished? Or your building burned down? A flu epidemic kept three quarters of your key staff at home? A hurricane flooded the entire city, and beyond? Would you be able to keep your business operating? In the movies, when the death rays begin firing and

Stellar Data Recovery Coupon Coupon

Get Stellar Coupons here 50% OFF Stellar Mailbox Exchange Toolkit Stellar Phoenix File Repair Bundle (Word + PowerPoint + Excel) Stellar Phoenix Repair for JPEG 40% Off on OST to PST Converter Tech Stellar Coupon codes One of the leading data recovery and system maintaince software manufacturers globally, guarantees smooth prompt and clean recovery

Four Data Recovery Applications

We store more data on our phones that ever before, which also means that we’re losing more data than ever before. Mobile devices are prone to lose data since they become the target of thieves; apart from that, many smartphones and tablets get lost every day. People fail to realize that just like for laptops

7 Rules of Data Backups

Backing up data is very important, especially for small businesses, or for pertinent information. Depending on the importance of the files, the size of the threat and of the need for security, different steps need to be taken, to ensure that the data is not compromised by hackers or competitors. Many companies in the past

Secure Your Data Clouds Before Storing Any Data

There was a time when one could just upload a file to the cloud and never worry about their security at all. It is no longer that safe anymore and we have to take measures to improve this insecurity otherwise we are prone to losing confidential data that may cost us a lot. The Measures

5 Types Of Security Essentials Required For Cloud Hosting

There are 5 types of cloud security essentials, and these are necessary in building a good cloud hosting server. These are important so that there will be a more stable access on the cloud and cloud users will be able to enjoy the benefits to the fullest. But first of all let’s see quickly what
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