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Pinnacle Studio by Avid: Providing The Best Audio And Video Technology

Avid is the world’s top provider of media technology. It prides itself at the leading developer of the top most, high quality digital audio and video production technology. Its products have been used in a lot of films, audio and videos productions that won awards. The line of products at this firm includes those used for music and videos, TV shows, film stories and many other audio and video productions you may have seen on the big screen.

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What is new in Pinnacle Studio 21

Pinnacle Systems has created a wide range of hardware and software products, with its most known in video converter and editing. Here is an example of a device that helps you transfer and convert videos from VHS player to digital format.

Check this introductory video tutorial out, made my PinnacleStudioLife:

What Has The Software Achieved So Far

Avid has won several international awards among which are 2 Oscar® statuettes, a Grammy®, and 14 Emmys®. It is made up professional artists and experts like Storytellers, Musicians, Composers, Filmmakers, Students, Videographers, Producers, Sound mixers, and DJs. They are gathered for a single goal: to develop, test, tweak and advance the technology used in the media industry.

Avid has brought a great revolution to the technology in the media industry with recommendable software. Their services feature exceptional customer support representatives that will help you to bring your vision to reality.

Features of Pinnacle Studio and 40% Promotional Coupons

Pinnacle Studio 21 is a creative video editing software built with cutting edge features that make it just the best in the industry. The firm has issued 2 promo coupons which are applicable at checkout and reduce the price at 20%. Here are few of the wide range of features you could enjoy with this slick video software.

Where Can You Find Coupon Codes For Avid products and Pinnacle Studio

The company has given out several discount codes for its products. They either give them to their affiliates or their existing customers through the monthly newsletter. Each coupon can be used once per user and gives 15% - 20% discount. Pinnacle studio promo code can be found at

Import your media

You can import videos and photos manually or automatically from any chosen device. This feature works perfectly well with camcorders, digital cameras, webcams, tablets, mobile phones, handheld audio recorders, and many others, like tape-based1 and analog devices 1.

Unlimited edit access

You can edit your videos anywhere, anytime with your iPad and the cloud. With integrated unlimited cloud access, you always have your media files handy. This software comes with Pinnacle Studio for iPad2 with which you can edit your work on the go and then transfer to Pinnacle Studio for polishing.

New User Interface

Pinnacle Studio 21 is designed with a new intuitive user interface that allows quick access to any tool that you require. The interface also helps to streamline your video-editing workflow hence you can create stunning multi-layer HD and picture in picture effects with frame-accuracy and key-frame editing.

New Split Screen Video

This video editing software has the capability of simultaneously showing multiple video streams thanks to the new split-screen video feature. You can create sophisticated promotional videos or simply share your latest trip highlights by dragging and dropping the clips on the interface.

New 3D Title Editor

Using the expanded tilting option, you can now add texts in 3D form to videos. Engage with your audience and also enhance your production by using the customizable and eye-catching tilting options.

New Save-as-Template

This feature lets you save completed video projects and fast-track your future projects as templates. After finishing your work, go to File, Save Movie as Template and then replace the media with placeholders. The new Save-as-Template feature is an amazing tool that's used to create standard introductions and exits for your videos.

Multi-Camera Editing

If you want to create more dynamic videos, Pinnacle Studio 21 is capable of combining footages from a number of devices. All you have to do is align and sync the clips by markers or with audio syncing. After that, select the angle that you want to show while the video plays.

Video Filters and Dynamic Effects

Polish your production and add excitement by using hundreds of customizable animated titles, video effects, and transitions. Create effects, enhance image colors, change the grey skies to blue etc. or add Motions to still images and videos by using the Pan and Zoom controls. Furthermore, you can still layer the clips and add more interest by using editing tools to crop the video directly in the pre-view pane or to create picture-in-picture effects.

Video and Photo Slideshows

To create video and photo slideshows, simply drag and drop photos, videos and music and let the automatic movie generator known as the SmartMovie do the rest of the work. To customize your movie, preview and edit your production in the timeline.

Create DVDs with Menus and Share Anywhere

Pinnacle studio 21 turns you into a video editing pro by turning your production into pro-quality discs with chapters, menus, and music or a DVD/AVCHD disc with customizable-themed menu-templates. After your video production is complete, this software has a sharing feature that allows you to upload and share your videos with family and friends on Facebook, Vimeo, and YouTube. You can either burn the video to a disc or export it to another device. Overall, Pinnacle Studio 21 is an amazing video editor that creates impressive and sophisticated videos. Feedback from users indicates that this editor is very user-friendly and simple to use. You can quickly add titles, match tracks and mix videos which you can export anywhere. Although some users have reported that the software can freeze when navigating from one feature to another, this problem only lasts for a few seconds.


Flawless installation. Intuitive user interface. The drag & drop user functionality is very smooth. You can export your videos in any size and format.


It can be difficult to export videos to some devices because the video editor may fail to detect them. The software is difficult to use and you have to spend a couple of hours to learn and practice how to use it. Pinnacle Studio 21 tends to get slow when it’s used for long periods. The longer you have it open, the slower it becomes.

5 Ways Cloud Storage Can Boost Your Marketing Efforts

At first glance, it may seem like cloud computing is best left to the IT department, while marketing mavens concentrate on getting out the company message and building a brand. However, cloud resources can actually enhance marketing efforts through accessibility, security, document organization and recovery and ease of sharing, according to direct response strategist Conrad Flynn.

Cloud-based systems offer secure storage for data you can access anywhere, at any time. Access control settings keep material only accessible to those who need to see it, which can be very important when developing marketing around a new product. Additionally, the cloud’s scalability means you can harness these capabilities without overspending and purchase a larger package as enterprise needs grow, according to Paranet.

1. File Backup

Data loss can seriously compromise business. Keep important files secure by creating a cloud-based backup. In case of hardware failure, file corruption or natural disaster —- say, a fire ruins your offices — you’ll be able to regain those important files. With so many cloud-based backup providers, check out audits including Dropbox critiques and Backup Genie services and reviews to choose the right option for your business. Many providers also offer automatic backup options, so you don’t have make time to manually transfer files on a regular basis.

2. Access Files Anywhere, Any Time

Need to pitch your logo idea at a business meeting in another city? Don’t worry about saving files to a flash drive or bringing print materials. Simply sign in to your cloud storage service, and show the files to your client. This saves time and encourages increased sharing of ideas, Flynn reports. Plus, you can even access files from your mobile phone. Mobility is key in today’s economy.

3. Share More Quickly and Easily

Need to get a client’s approval of a file that’s too large to upload via email? Online cloud storage offers an elegant and free solution. Upload the large file or files to your chosen cloud provider, grab the share link or set the item-level permissions levels, and email the client with the file. Again, as Flynn notes, you’ll save time and make idea sharing and feedback even easier for all parties involved. As an added bonus, you’ll never have to wonder if the file made it past a spam filter or firewall.

4. Collaborate with Team Members

Many cloud storage programs have collaborative tools, including chat capability and groups. Use these functions to share materials across a group, and ensure everyone is seeing the same set of documents and working together. This offers easy versioning control, since all materials are kept in one location accessible to all involved. As CNET notes, the cloud is increasingly becoming the expected model of sharing among companies. Most cloud-based applications will also track changes, so it’s easy to see what was changed, when it was changed, and — if notes were used — why it was changed.

5. Quickly Organize to See What’s Working — And What’s Not

With the organizing functions offered by cloud storage systems, you can sort and store project files together. No longer will you have to hunt for that one image file that has gone missing. Plus, draft materials and abandoned ideas can be easily identified and marked as such to avoid future confusion. Archived files can quickly be found and consulted on an as-needed basis.

If you’re not using the cloud to organize and share your materials, consider this the right time to adopt a cloud-based solution. After all, both colleagues and customers are beginning to expect it, as CNET notes. There’s no universal cloud storage solution, but if you carefully catalog your needs and how you plan to use the cloud, you can easily research and adopt the right solution for your company.

Have you used cloud storage in your marketing efforts? Share your experience in the comments.


Cloud Storage: Making Use of Virtual Storage Space

It is inevitable that one day your hard drive will crash completely. When this occurs, all of the data contained on it will be lost unless you pay expensive data retrieval fees from a technician. Instead of having everything of value to you erased for good, one should consider utilizing cloud storage space. Cloud storage usually is provided by a service that allows users to upload data files for later retrieval from their servers. Even though these services are not free if you desire to save large amounts of data, the price you will pay is much less in comparison to the event of losing everything.

Everyday Cloud Storage Uses

For minimal storage space users, there are a number of services that allow you to create free accounts and upload files for later retrieval in varying amounts. Many times, this free storage space will not exceed a few gigs at most. Another drawback is that the amount of time that the data will remain on the server will be limited as well. If small files and those intended for transfer sake is the main intent of the user, this may not be a problem. For larger applications, such as storage space needed by businesses, a paid account will most likely be in order.

Cloud Storage Costs

Many cloud storage services charge monthly fees to users, but usually they do not cost much more than a few dollars per month. For unlimited storage space, the monthly service fees may cost a bit more, but could save a small business in the event of a crash on their end. Just imagine having all tax information stored only on a small business’s hard drive, only to find that the information has been lost indefinitely. This could mean countless hours of going back through paperwork to rebuild this type of information and entering it back into documents for record’s sake. Even a year’s worth of cloud storage space service fees are minimal in comparison to the manpower needed to accomplish this, or even for the one time fee that would be charged to retrieve the information from the crashed hard drive. Not only that, but human error could occur when trying to rush to recreate the record files to compensate for the loss.

Other Reasons to Store in the Clouds

Another great thing about cloud storage services is the fact that they utilize multiple servers. This means that your files are not located in a single place, but many at the same time all over the world. Even if a small network of hard drives has been configured at a small business, the event of having the actual hardware stolen or damaged is still a very real possibility to consider. Another thing to consider is the fact that one could store private informative files that could otherwise be viewed and stolen by others with access to your computer. Usually, cloud storage services are on top of the necessity for in depth encryption, hence their fees for monthly service. With all the unused storage space in cyberspace, one would be a fool not to take full advantage.

Top 3 Photo Sharing Applications for Android

The effectiveness of visual display can not be over emphasized. A lot has changed in the way we make purchases, market and advertise, communicate, and even in the way we study. And almost in all these circumstances people want more visual scenes than they want to hold papers with texts. Remember those times when you finished telling your family and friends how your daughter’s birthday celebration went and they still ask if you have an online photo book somewhere they can see? Yes, because of the visual appealing and entertaining power of images. All images and videos can be edited with the right software. Such products of course cost a lot of money, but thanks to a pinnacle studio promo code, video and photo editing can be very affordable.

Now it is one thing to have saved some memory in visual form, and yet another to have a smart means of sharing them with friends and family. Blurb, SmugMug and ShutterFly are three known photo album sites where you can create your own photo books and share them with others. If you are an Android fan, like myself, here are the top 3 photo sharing applications, each for one of the sites mentioned above, you sure want to have in your device as they make photo sharing a bliss.

Smugfolio for SmugMug

Smugfolio is an Android application designed for SmugMug. It is a perfect app that helps users to better manage their gallery while facilitating batch uploads.

Features of Smugfolio

Offline access to photos: Smugfolio is a perfect app that would allow you to view and manage your SmugMug photos offline. It supports auto downloads as well.

Works with your device: It has a way of optimizing photo size to fit the device which ensures you have the best image quality whether you use a mobile device or your tablet. If you wanted full screen videos, then Smugfolio is a perfect choice.

Batch uploads: It allows users to batch upload multiple photos at a time in the background while they do other things with their device. It also allows for auto upload of photos and videos and provides perfect full screen slideshows.

Perfect photo sharing options: It makes it easier to share your photos with family and friends through email, facebook and twitter or by sending them the URL of your photos.

Among the features listed above, Smugfolio also supports uploads with geo-location. You can also view and add comments to your photos, view EXIF photo information, view photos by tags and delete photos and galleries.

User’s Feedbacks

With a dominant of 5 star ratings, it is obvious that Smugfolio actually does what it is designed to do. Most SmugMug users love that Smugfolio helps them to effortlessly access and share their photos. To some users, the fact that the app automatically sets a perfect resolution and photo size that works best with their device beat their expectation. They also commend other features like auto uploads, batch uploads, the ability to geo-locate photos, add comments and filter photos by tags; which makes it a complete solution for SmugMug lovers.


Comes with an easy user interface

Provides full screen slideshows

Supports multiple accounts

Allows multi-selection, bulk uploads, auto uploads and geo tagging.

Share gallery urls – urls automatically shortened by


Though Smugfolio is already a great app for Android, people could still use additional features like a “copy to clipboard” feature, ability to show portfolio without the watermark and the ability to long hold and select a URL.

ShutterFolio for ShutterFly

ShutterFolio is an android application designed for ShutterFly users. It is a perfect app that helps users to better manage their gallery with the ability to batch upload photos to their ShutterFly accounts..

Features of ShutterFolio

It supports offline photo viewing: While your device charges, ShutterFly auto downloads your photos for fast offline access. Downloads are automatically set to the best size for your device.

Upload photos in batches: ShutterFolio allows users to batch upload multiple photos at a time in the background. This activity doesn’t interface with any other operation. You can also set it to auto upload your images and videos right from your device gallery.

Perfect photo sharing options: ShutterFolio allows users to share their photos via email, facebook and twitter.

Additionally, it also allows users to explore their friend’s photos, hide albums from app, pinch to zoom, auto upload from any location, and a couple of other setting options which would, for instance, allow you to only auto upload when on wifi.

User’s Feedbacks

ShutterFolio is a lovely app that is mostly been used by Android and Kindle lovers. Most users were extremely satisfied and said that the app brought in the features that are not available at ShurtterFly which has enormously enhanced their user experience. Among other features, users love that it allows them to auto upload photos in batches while being able to geo-tag them, share them and set a couple of other features that would make the app work with their individual preferences.


Comes with a simple user interface

Provides full screen slideshows of a single album or all albums

Supports multiple accounts

Allows multi-selection, bulk uploads, auto uploads and geo tagging

Comes with cutting edge control options like pinch to zoom, crop picture to fit screen, change storage location to external SD card and the ability to control auto upload frequency


Users can not view shared sites on ShutterFly

Blurb App for Blurb (with Samsung’s GALAXY S4)

Blurb, the leading global creative publishing platform has announced its partnership with Samsung Electronics to take worldwide book and magazine print production to a whole new level with Samsung’s newly announced flagship smartphone, GALAXY S 4 and the Blurb App. This means that if you are using the GAXALY S4, you can now effortlessly create stunning print photo books and magazines right from your camera phone images.

According to Eileen Gittins, Blurb’s CEO and Founder “people love the convenience and immediacy of camera phone imagery and do appreciate physical artifacts owing to the increasingly digital turn of our lives”. Combining the cutting edge camera phone imagery of the Samsung GALAXY S4 with the easy production of books and magazines of the Blurb App, means taking enhanced digital and analog experience to the consumer’s door.

It was previously almost impossible to curate, design and order a book or magazine from a Smartphone. And as our lives become increasingly digital, this created a gap that begs for filling. This is the problem that Samsung and Blurb teamed up to solve. Now with the help of the pre-installed Story Album and the auto-generated layouts in GALAXY S4, you can instantly convert any of your curations into print-worthy publications.

Features of Blurb App

Blurb App is an exceptional online book publishing application that does not only allow users to curate stunning books and magazines but comes with professional formats and bookstore quality. Compared to other similar apps, here are some of its distinguishing features.

Ease of use: Blurb makes it easier for users to add photos to the book design. They also provide additional services like their willingness to email your print to different parts of the world.

Create different types of books: With Blurb, you can create different types of books including cookbooks, books about places, family events and even magazines. All your created books come with bookstore quality.

It’s affordable: It’s free to register and create any type of book. And you can make print orders from as little as $4.95.

Now, having read it all, these are the top 3 photo sharing applications for Android. The world is going more digital every single day, and these apps will instantly transform your digital and analog life by bringing cutting edge photo editing and sharing technology to the immediacy of your camera phone imagery.

7 Rules of Data Backups

Backing up data is very important, especially for small businesses, or for pertinent information. Depending on the importance of the files, the size of the threat and of the need for security, different steps need to be taken, to ensure that the data is not compromised by hackers or competitors. Many companies in the past who had data compromised suffered financially and had a very long recovery; in addition, they had public relations nightmares. Now if you are a person backing up photos of your vacations or mp3s, the same care does not need to be taken as sensitive customer information like bank details, passwords etc.


Back up your data often, weekly, or even daily if needed. This ensures you get the most fresh data back, if catastrophe were to strike. There are plenty of programs that will do this for you. It is a good idea to set the data backup at night, or when there is no other activity in the office. This can help avoid slowdowns on the network, or on the flow of data if it is a shared hard drive. Daily backups are essential for any serious company.


Automate the process, as said before, many programs will allow you to automate the backup process. Even allowing you to set the time of day, or time of week. This takes the guesswork out, and allows IT staff to concentrate on other things. It is important to make sure the backups are going through as they were set up to do.


It is of course a good idea to have dual hard drives when backing up. That way, if one of the hard drives fail, you have the backup to go to. Not only that, but, ideally you would backup off site as well. Either to another office location or server, or using an online service. Though be careful with an online service, go with an established one with adequate security. Offsite replication is key, in case of fire or other disasters.


Occasionally, go into the backup hard drive, and recover the data. See how easy it is to recover it. If the IT professional were on vacation, could the office figure out what to do. This is often overlooked as most people never actually have to access their backed up data.


It is wise to encrypt your data, whether it is stored on a local hard drive or on the internet. Basic encryption will thwart most hackers, and it will reduce liability and PR problems if the data is compromised.

Backup Online

As said before, multiple places to store the data are important. Backing up data online is key. Find a well established online service that has good security and does not have a history of security breaches. This will truly ensure data is never lost, in case of a catastrophic situation.


Have multiple people know how to access the backup, and how to initiate. Often the IT department is busy with other projects, it is important to cross-train a few people on how to access the data should a problem occur. It should not be difficult even for someone who is not trained in IT.

Data backups are not only important, they are necessary for any size company. Whether it be customer information, financial documents, or even employee information. If common sense rules are used there should never be a problem. Remember to no go cheap or lazy on this though, as one data breach could bring down a company that is not prepared.


Antivirus apps on Android – Do you really need them?

What Are You Looking For In An Antivirus?

You might be thinking if it’s worth it buying an antivirus application for your smatphone or would it be a total waste of your money? In fact it depends on what you are looking for; it depends on what you are looking to get from an app like that.

If you want an antivirus program because you are scared you are going to download an app that has a virus, a malware or whatever you want to call it, and you download all your applications from Google play store, then forget about it. You don’t really need one because Google catches most of the malicious apps before they get published into the Play Store. Even if a malicious program manages to pass they are going to catch it within a few hours or a couple of days the most, and when they pull it off the market it’s going to automatically be pulled off from your phone as well. So, even if you happened to be one of those unlucky people who downloaded it – by the way it is going to be a new one but new apps don’t usually rank high in the searches, so you would have to look at the New Apps section in the Play Store – one day you are going to wake up and it’s going to be off your phone.

norton antivirus apps

What You Should Really Look For In An Internet Security App

Google takes care of that for the most part but if you are one of those who also download programs from other sources – other than Google’s market – I would recommend you having an antivirus app because you are not going to have the same level of protection. You never know what the developers or whoever is making those apps, might have put there.

But, honestly, from the whole malware and antivirus perspective I don’t realy care that much. I don’t have antivirus in my phone for that reason. But what these programs offer you goes beyond plain anti-malware protection. Mobile Security applications give you the ability to track your phone if you lose it or if it gets stolen (when I say track, I mean GPS location). Also, you can send to your phone secret text messages with your password that you set up when you first installed the app. Using this feature, you can remotely lock your phone’s screen and prevent somebody from getting into it. If somebody switches the SIM card it will allert you right away.

Norton Mobile Internet Security

norton security couponYou can do a whole batch of things. For example I use the antivirus app by Norton. This app helps you quickly find and protect your devices when they go missing. You can set up for screen alarm to see if your tablet if phone is just hiding somewhere nearby. If that doesn’t work you can quickly pinpoint the location of your mobile device on a map and then remotely lock it so people can’t use or see what’s on it. Wipe it clean if you think that it’s been stolen and even use the built in camera to snap sneak photos of whoever is using it.

Norton mobile security also keeps your mobile world safe from online threats and annoying intrusions. This includes checking apps and updates for all kinds of threats without slowing down performance.

You can even backup all your contacts from android, iphone and ipad, so you can get them back quickly if they get lost or deleted, or shared them across different devices. Finally, this app lets you control this protection on all your different devices from one convenient place on the web. So, check out Norton Security Coupon to buy this multi-device, multi-featured app in discount as well.

As you see, this is a complete solution which can be installed in many different mobile devices and get your files backed up, shared and protected from any threat you can imagine.

Last but not least, software vendors and manufacturers now offer very competitive deals through discount coupons they give out from time to time. For example, Norton and Pinnacle Systems have an ongoing coupon marketing policy which gives up to 20% discount. Take a look at the recent pinnacle promo code here.

Importance of Shared Storage in Virtualization

First, let me remind you that shared storage is very important to a virtual infrastructure. That’s typically where the virtual machines are stored and it allows many of the advanced features of a virtualization to be possible. If you are building a virtualization lab, very likely you would have some sort of low-end storage area network or network attached storage appliance. You might also have a server that you turned into an NAS or even use a virtual storage appliance which is just a virtual machine that simulates a storage area network (SAN). So, there are 3 different options for share storage. Having a dedicated hardware appliance like a SAN or NAS is going to be the best performance, but also it’s going to cost more than for example, a virtual storage appliance.

It’s unlikely that you’d need shared storage if you just have one ESX, ESXi, or hyper-v Server, but as soon as you go beyond one server you’re going to want to start using features like Vmotion, live migration and vmware high availability. When you get to that point, you might need shared storage.

This is the shared storage appliance I have in my lab. It’s an Iomega X4200D. There’s also a smaller model, the IX2, but I recommend the IX4 because it has space for 4 drives. Both of these models offer iSCSI SAN and NFS.

Here’s a video presentation of this server:

Thunderstrike 2: A New Headache for Apple

Apple has announced that the Thunderstrike 2 bug has been partly patched together in the OS X 10.10.4, which translates that this particular version of the bug should not at all be of immediate concern to fully updated Mac users. For confirmation, Trammell Hudson was approached for this matter.

Hudson has decided to post further details on the Thunderstrike 2 as well as Apple’s status on the fixes. He said that because of the OS X 10.10.4, Mac don’t happen to be trivially vulnerable to the bug. Though, he has listed multiple vulnerabilities that still need to be fixed by Apple. The company is well-informed of the said problems.

Roots of the Story

Security Engineer Trammell Hudson, earlier this year, had developed a proof-of-concept which he showed off. He called this the Thunderstrike. It was a malware incapable of hitching a ride onto Thunderbolt integrated accessories. Its main purpose was to infect any Mac device via cable based connections. Once a Mac is infected, the malware could be passed on to virtually any accessory connected to the device which will in turn infect other computers. It failed, so the new malware version was created.

Dubbed as the “Thunderstrike 2,” this new proof-of-concept attack continues to spread mainly through Thunderbolt-infected accessories. Where the original malware version flunked, it needed a malicious user to gain physical access to one’s personal computer to work. This was coined as the “evil maid” approach, or even an “evil butler” for that matter. The latter version, it could spread remotely and it is capable of being delivered through malicious websites and phishing e-mails. Once the user has unknowingly downloaded the new and highly revolutionized malware, it can infect any connected accessory that uses Option ROM, which is Apple’s accessory for Thunderbolt-to-gigabit-Ethernet connections.

Thunderstrike 2What dangers this firmware-level malware imposes is that it is seemingly impossible to detect with most virus scanners along with anti-malware software products are more focused on desk files and RAM. The harder part would be tracking back the source since the malware activity itself remains invisible. More disturbingly, it’s a tough bug to remove. Thunderstrike cannot be used to be remove Thunderstrike given that the new malware patches the original firmware’s security hole.

The whole Thunderstrike issue is synonymous to the previous BadUSB proof-of-concept pointed towards attacking Mac hardware by reprogramming USB devices. But this time, it’s a different story. Thunderstrike 2 has transformed into a worm that is already signifying greater potential damages at its early stages. This causes a total frustration to the faithful users of Apple, questioning its security infrastructure that has proven ten-folds more durable than any Windows platform.

Secure Your Data Clouds Before Storing Any Data

There was a time when one could just upload a file to the cloud and never worry about their security at all. It is no longer that safe anymore and we have to take measures to improve this insecurity otherwise we are prone to losing confidential data that may cost us a lot.

The Measures Taken By Some Cloud Service Providers

The only proven security for your data is use of encryption. The encryption should always be used before the data is even uploaded to the cloud.

For the Dropbox and Skydrive as well as the likes, one can use an add-on so as to encrypt the data before it is uploaded. The use of Safe Monk or the Boxcryptor enables an encrypted folder to be added before you can upload your files. This is also done for other services that may be using the WebDAV standard.

If you want a server that does not use an add-on, Dropbox and the likes have to be dropped completely. The Spideroak whose Hive service is known as the Zero-knowledge data backup is a great security tool since it does not even store your password and deletes it once you log out.

The Bittorrent Sync is a p2p file sharing one and works the opposite of Spideroak. It has no 3rd party file management systems or the central server. Therefore data is transmitted between the devices.

Note: The use of the devices is prone to physical damage and risk of data loss.

Cloud service providers and their security degrees.

  • The Dropbox and Google are the giant physical cloud servers that are usually used by most people for personal and even public data. However they are not secure at all
  • The Microsoft Skydive and the Apples I cloud are other servers that provide cloud services to the public and are encrypted to improve its security. However, the hackers have beaten them in their own game.
  • The Network Attached Servers are personal cloud service providers, whereby unlike the Dropbox and others, they use the external hard drives that are connected to a person’s Wi-Fi network hence they can transmit the data stored whenever a person connects to it. Examples of such are the LaCie cloud box and the Seagate Central drives. Sometimes they are not referred to as the cloud services because of their nature.
  • The cloud locker is another one but more secure than the NAS since one has more control over the files stored.
  • The Tonido and the Pocket cloud do not use the hard drives are can be remotely access the home computer. These tend to be more secure since there is no sharing of a password and the data is accessed from a device to another rather than the insecure from a device to the cloud then to another device.
  • The pocket cloud wholly relies on the Google log in for security.
  • The General Security Measures For Cloud Use

The major one is to understand the type of cloud service you are using. Norton contact can be of great help.

  • Choose a good master password.
  • Choose a cloud password that is unique from all the others you use
  • Do not share your password with someone you don’t trust
  • Always have a backup for your data.

For online backup and internet protection solution check this Symantec product and coupon.

Common Entry Points for Targeted Attacks

Whether your company is a huge organization with thousands of employees and millions of dollars of assets, or a small business with just a few employees and a lower net worth, you are vulnerable to cyber-crime. There are criminals who want to steal your company’s assets, including money, information and strategic intelligence – and in some cases, stop you from operating altogether.

Every year, businesses lose millions thanks to these targeted attacks, in which a criminal hones in on a particular organization for a defined purpose. These attacks differ from opportunistic attacks, which are designed to wreak havoc in general. Consider the two types of attacks like fishing: targeted attacks are like using a pole and hook with a specific type of bait to catch a specific type of fish. Opportunistic attacks are more like fishing with a net. You might catch the big one, but you’ll get a lot of little ones in the process, too.

Most large companies are aware of the fact that they are prime targets, and employ sophisticated systems and knowledgeable experts to try to protect themselves from attacks. However, attacks against small businesses are on the rise: as of June 2012, more than 30% of all targeted attacks were against businesses with fewer than 250 employees, more than twice the number of similar attacks only six months earlier.

Hackers are going after smaller businesses as stepping stones. By breaking into small business internet systems, the criminals can gain access to the large businesses with more assets—and many small companies don’t even realize they are vulnerable.

Big internet security software manufacturers like Symantec Inc, specialize in protecting large information systems, servers and computer networks. Symantec’s business software like the Endpoint protection software specializes in protecting companies from hacking and malicious threats. Companies can buy bundles of 70 or more licences and get all their systems covered. Of course Symantec gives discount coupons for such large orders.

What Makes Small Businesses Vulnerable to Attacks

There are certain areas on your network that make it easier for criminals to gain unauthorized access to your business. These include:


These days, most people are fairly savvy about when to open or click on an e-mail and when to delete it. However, criminals are also becoming more sophisticated, making it more likely that an unsuspecting employee will click on a link, not realizing that it’s effectively opening the door to the criminals. It’s still common, for example, for criminals to use mass mailing worms that are attached to e-mail messages. When the user opens the executable file and allows the worm access to the system, it can access user names and passwords, collect information about the network, infect other machines on the network and lead to additional downloads of other harmful programs that can devastate your system.

Instant Message

Instant message is a popular tool in offices these days, as it allows employees to communicate quickly and efficiently. However, like e-mail, it can be used to spread harmful viruses, malware and worms. In some ways, it’s even more dangerous, because in general you need to know someone in order to send them an instant message, and employees are more likely to open files or links from co-workers or business contacts.

Social Networking

online-securityThe explosive growth of sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest has created a fertile playground for cyber criminals. Although these sites have security controls in place, it is surprisingly easy for hackers to gain access to personal information—and wreak havoc—through social media. Small businesses need to keep tight control of social media access.

Faulty Anti-Virus¬¬

Many small businesses rely heavily on antivirus software, but unfortunately that’s not always enough. Criminals run their programs against the latest versions of antivirus software, looking for vulnerabilities, and exploit them. It’s important for organizations to have more than just antivirus protection.

Reducing Vulnerability

While it may not be possible to reduce 100 percent of the vulnerability to attack, you can significantly reduce your risk.

First, it’s important to understand that IT security is a process and needs to be constantly evaluated and updated. What worked even one or two years ago will not work now. Engage the services of experienced professionals to help assess your risk and recommend steps to secure your network and data.

Second, educate your employees on the latest threats and establish policies to reduce vulnerability. Establish strong authentication and password protocols and teach users how to identify suspicious messages in e-mail, IM and on social media. Taking these steps will reduce your risk, and help keep unwanted intruders out of your business.