What Does Norton 360 Multi Device Offer

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Symantec has created lots of security oriented software, starting from the Norton Antivirus to Internet Security and later to the Norton 360 and Norton 360 Premier. Recently the company introduced the Norton 360 Multi-Device, responding to the developing need of the users who now want to protect more devices than just one computer. For a complete review and specifications click here.

norton 360 multidevice discount codeHow Many Devices Do You and Your Family Own

If I asked you how many computers, tablets and phones you own you would probably come up with more than 3; your desktop PC, a laptop, maybe a tablet and of course your smartphone. If we added the rest of your family’s devices or your work computer then the number gets really big. People now carry lots of devices which share one thing in common: that they are almost constantly online and therefore ought to be protected. Protection means more than just antivirus. It means protecting the files and folders, contacts and information that you have on these devices so that in case of a malfunction or files get corrupted you can get those restored. You want to be able to find these mobile devices cause we often get misplaced, lost or stolen and you want to know where they are and be able to get them back.

So that’s the kind of protection that Norton 360 Multi Device brings to all of these types of devices. It’s a simple straight forward solution that protects in our new world of multiple devices.

Features of Norton 360 Multi-Device

We start out from Norton 360 Premier which is the Symantec’s best security solution for PCs. It includes 25Gb of online storage space. Not only do you get that great protection from Norton, but you get Tune-up capabilities and keep that PC running smoothly and the 25Gigs of online backup space which is synced with your hard disk’s files whenever there’s a change, so that if you ever have a problem with your device you get that data back from the cloud.

norton 360 multidevice featuresThe next thing that’s included in the software is the Norton Internet Security for Mac. Not only does this protection get viruses but Mac users need protection when they go out and shop or buy online.

Finally, we have security for mobile devices; whether it is Android, Apple products like iPhone or iPad, you want to make sure that if you had a problem with them – maybe they get misplaced – you could get those back, and norton internet security does all that.

So, instead of looking for and buying different software to install and protect all your different devices, you can buy one solution. You get 5 licenses which you can mix and match with any of those devices and you get a great way to manage that with Norton’s web consult. You can go out on that web, see the device’s status, what kind of protection is on them. If you decided to upgrade from Mac to a PC you can just disable the protection on the Mac, transfer it onto the PC and you are all set, up and running.

What Else Does Symantec Offer

At the same time Norton brings all the latest protection, not just empty virus definitions but all new features and functionality and a whole new product if needed as part of your subscription. Symantec also has issued a Norton coupon code which brings a discount of 20% on your subscription.

If there are several smartphones in your family, e.g. an iPhone, Android or Symbian, a tablet, perhaps a couple of laptops and desktops, you can solve the internet security and backup issues once and for all with just one purchase. The price is just $69.99 for a year or $134.99 for two.

pinnacle studio coupon

How To Build A Computer For Video Editing

Many serious computer users ask me: Should I build a computer myself? Well, I say yes, it’s like Lego for adults. If you want a machine for a particular demanding task or set of tasks, say for video or music rendering and editing, security serveillance etc, where you will be needing a computer to work at peak performance, you better put things down on a list; see what brands and models fit best to do your job, scrutinize compatibility issues and buy the pieces one by one.

Using Pinnacle Studio Coupons

Let me tell you how I built my own for video editing purposes, very demanding stuff indeed. I used a Pinnacle discount coupon to buy the software which I now use quite a lot and I needed a good computer to do all the editing.


Let me  start with the heart of the computer: the processor. I went for and Intel i7 ($569), and to be precise it’s the Intel i7 – 3930K. It’s unlocked, has 6 cores and runs in 3.2GHz. A 6-core processor with hyperthreading is going to act like a 12-core! The reason I chose that one is that it has a really good value for money when you compare it to the really top and Intel processors have like 32 cores in them and I checked their performance compared to the i7 but their price is over $2,000.



The next item is the motherboard. I chose the ASUS P9 X79 PRO. It’s true that my processor was very limited on how many different motheboard models was compatible with. It’s got 6Gb/s and 3Gb/s eSATA support, 6 ports of USB 3.0 – this is ten times faster than the 2.0 which takes plug & play into a whole new level; this is very helpful for when I am transferring huge files from external disks or flashes – Bluetooth, crystal clear sound powered by DTS Connect, and a whole batch of new features I had not used before.


Next stop is the memory. I went for the Corsair Vengeance which has 32Gb of RAM, is DD3 type at 1600MHz and consists of 4 separate pieces of 8Gb each. Basically, I was looking at newegg.com for the qualified RAM for that particular motherboard I got, and I was really confused on how those part numbers related to the part numbers on the tables. So, I read hundreds of user comments for every product there, and there was that person saying that ther RAM didn’t work for the motherboard. So, I kind of cheated a little bit and I went through the comments and several people had used this Corsair Vengeance RAM successfully.

Corsair Vengeance RAM 32GB

Graphics Card

I had to read lots of comments regarding the EVGA GeForce GTX 680 FTW ($599) which comes with 4Gb RAM in 256-bit GDDR5 and it’s in FTW. There was a batch of other options as well in Nvidia, the 2000 and 4000 Quadro series which are supposed to be designed for this type of graphics work. But if you got to this benchmark site for premier Pro, and you look at the top 80 cards, of the comparisons, over a thousand users submitted their test to it, this particular card is always on top. The first one of the Quadra series to appear on the list, the 4000, ranks number 80. So, the EVGA I chose from all the cards I tested did excellent.

EVGA GeForce GTX 680

Water Cooling System

With all the above monsters, I would definitely need something to cool them down since I was planning to overclock my i7 processor. I went with the Corsair H100i. It’s really a good cooler and with it I also got 2 fans. They are super quiet and keep the system really cool although I work for hours pushing the system to its limits.

Corsair H100i cooler

Hard Drives

For my main hard drive, that is the one I install the OS and software in, I picked the Corsair Force GT SATA 3, SSD type with 240Gbs. This is perfect for my Mac Operating Systems and programs like DaVinci Resolve Lite, Premier Pro, Pinnacle Studio and After Effects. Of course, I am using a bunch of other, older hard drives, some having a Terabyte inside, to store my files.

Corsair Force GT SATA 3 240GB


I installed Windows Professional 7 because I would be able to access all the 32Ghz up to 64GHz of the processor.

Media Reader

I got the Kingston media reader, for which I read some really good reviews. It’s a USB3 and I can transfer my documents quite quickly now, especially compared to my old one. So, off loading my media is a lot faster.

Power Supply

For my power I got the Corsair HX750. Now, many of you will say, I should have got a 1000Watts. Well, I’ve done the calculations for this particular bild and it came out at about 450Watts with 1 graphics card. Premier pro doesn’t take advantages of two graphics cards, so if I were to add a second card that would add more draw to the power, I decided to go with this option which even if I add a second one and a tone more drives, I would still be under 750 Watts. I am not sure why every body says I need to get like a thousand watts power supply.

Corsair power supply

Corsair power supply

fractal_design_define_r4_arctic_whiteComputer Case

Well, all the above should have a place to reside, right? I picked the Fractal Design Define R4, Arctic White ($110) which was recommended by many guys online. It works really quiet and it’s nice and sleek with excellent noise dampening on both side panels.

Importance of Shared Storage in Virtualization

First, let me remind you that shared storage is very important to a virtual infrastructure. That’s typically  where the virtual machines are stored and it allows many of the advanced features of a virtualization to be possible. If you are building a virtualization lab, very likely you would have some sort of low-end storage area network or network attached storage appliance. You might also have a server that you turned into an NAS or even use a virtual storage appliance which is just a virtual machine that simulates a storage area network (SAN). So, there are 3 different options for share storage. Having a dedicated hardware appliance like a SAN or NAS is going to be the best performance, but also it’s going to cost more than for example, a virtual storage appliance.

It’s unlikely that you’d need shared storage if you just have one ESX, ESXi, or hyper-v Server, but as soon as you go beyond one server you’re going to want to start using features like Vmotion, live migration and vmware high availability. When you get to that point, you might need shared storage.

Iomega X4200D storageThis is the shared storage appliance I have in my lab. It’s an Iomega X4200D. There’s also a smaller model, the IX2, but I recommend the IX4 because it has space for 4 drives. Both of these models offer iSCSI SAN and NFS.

Here’s a video presentation of this server:

How to Build a Virtualization Lab in VMware Workstation

Why Build Virtualization Lab

The first reason of course is learn virtualization first hand. It’s one thing to watch it in a video or read a book about it and it’s much different and much more educational to do it for yourself . But you don’t have to spend $10,000 to do that. Building a virtualization lab can be really inexpensive not as hard as you might think. Besides with the Vmware Promo Codes you can save 20%.

By building a Lab it will also prove that virtualization works as advertized. It’s great to hear from other people who have used it but it’s completely different to do it for yourself and see it with your own eyes. You’ll able to prove that virtualization works for your company’s applications, you can even convert one of your physical servers into a virtual server and run it in the lab to see that your company’s apps work for yourself. Finally, you might want to create a Virtualization Lab to prepare you for a certification so that you will have that hands-on knowledge.

Types of Virtual LAb

There are two ways to build a Virtualization Lab; either to build a Virtual or a Physical Virtualization Lab. Although this might get a little confusing, let’s start with first option. Literally, what this could be is taking the existing desktop or laptop computer that has a VT capable CPU and plenty of RAM to load to VMware Workstation which is a type 2 hypervisor at your existing operating system running on your computer, so for example if you’re running Windows 7 you would load VMware workstation on that and then you would build your virtual lab by creating virtual machines that run at VMware ESXi, vmware vcenter and perhaps even a virtual storage appliance or a VSA. Most people build, let’s say, to ESXi servers and a Windows 2008 Server that runs via where the center so you have a total of 3 virtual machines running VMWare workstation on your existing computer; so that’s how you build a virtual lab using something like VMware Workstation and this may seem like the utopian perfect scenario but there are a number of limitations to this.

If you have some more room for physical servers and you have some more money and you’d like some higher performance in more dedicated hardware, a better option is to build a physical virtualization lab. You get a couple of servers  to build your physical virtual lab. With a physical lab like that I can do just about anything I want. I can make just about any VMware or Microsoft virtualization product that’s available today. There are many fewer limitations and you’re going to get much better performance. On the other hand, a lab like that might cost you between $3,000 to $5,000.

These are the two different ways to build a Virtualization Lab

Limitations to a Virtual Lab

The first downside of this type would be of course that the CPU on your desktop or laptop computer much be a 64-bit CPU with Intel BT or AMD V enabled. You’ll need at least 4Gb of RAM although you could run a single ESXi server in less than that to really make this a useful Lab I would recommend you have at least 4GB or more. That’s because every virtual machine you create is going to use up more and more of that RAM. Now, you can do this with VMWare ESXi VSphere but I can tell you up front that it won’t work with hyperV which must run on a physical server so you’re going to have to opt for a physical virtualization lab if you want to learn about hyperV. You won’t be able to power on a 64-bit virtual machine inside your virtualized ESXi server. So that’s called a “nested virtual machine” and a limitation is you can’t have nested 64-bit virtual machines. I know this is a little confusing because you have your host operating system, i.e. windows 7, you have your workstation underneath that you create a VMware ESXi machine which is 64-bit you can power that on and then you will create a virtual machien inside the ESXi server. That virtual machine all the way inside the ESXi server two layers a virtualization deep can only be 32-bit. You can make a 64-bit but you won’t be able to power on. You can only power on 32-bit. That’s where the major limitations of  creating a virtual virtualization lab is. In fact even powering on a nested one, inside those ESXi servers, you’re going to find out that those will run really slow no matter how much hardware you throw at those machines.

VMware’s tolerance feature many not work when using a virtual virtualization lab; that’s because ti’s very hardware specific. Finaly performance, may suffer. You’re trying to do so many tasks with your existing desktop or laptop system even if you upgrade the RAM and you have a really beefy system you are still trying to run multiple virtual machines that are very resource intensive on that one system. So, just keep that in mine. It’s a great low cost option, it is portable – you can put on a laptop, you can take it with you on the road – you can demo virtualization , you don’t have to spend a lot of money on servers which take up a lot of room, create heat and use a lot of electricity. Also, it’s going to be lower performance, so just how those expectations up front when you start creating your lab.

Physical Servers

If you opt for a physical server, even if you are just going to get one dedicated server and then use that to build a virtual virtualization lab on, you have two options for those physical servers:

You could use a white box server which is a generic server which you build yourself or you have someone else build it for you. If you use a white box server, chances are you’ll get more value for money so you get a higher performance system but on the other hand that white box server isn’t going to be on the VMWare or Microsoft hardware compatibility list. So, you take the chance of getting that server put together and then the network interface card or the storage controller doesn’t work, you have to take those back, return them and get some different models that do work.

Option two is to get a Name-Brand server and if you are doing that very likely it will be on the hardware compatibility list, but you do need to check those list make sure that this server with its specific CPU and hardware interface cards are on the hardware compatibility list. Also make sure that they are even compatible with specific features; for example there are servers that are on VMWare’s hardware compatibility list and compatible with the Fault Tolerant feature.

create your own DVD at home

How To Make My Own DVD Movie

Have you ever wandered if you could make a DVD out of your personal selection of videos? A DVD with all your favorite videos or family moments, holidays, graduation or other ceremonies, your brother’s bachelor party or your sister’s wedding and other special moments? How about a DVD with your personalized menu, chapters and your own music? Well, now you don’t have to order a specialist to do that for your, because with Wondershare DVD Creator all the above are doable in a matter of minutes  and with a few easy clicks.

Wondershare is a software manufacturer which specializes in photo and video editing. Its DVD Creator is a great success because it revolutionized film editing and burning. It’s priced $45.95, but with the Wondershare Promo Code you can have a 40% discount. Now let’s see how it works.

DVD Creator by Wondershare is really very easy to use, really basic to the point. The first thing you do is import the file and then it’s going to take you to a couple of steps before you make the menu and burn your disk. So, first step is  to click Import button at the left column and bring in as many files as you want and then click Open.

wondershare dvd creator

step 2: Click Menu button to customize the menu for the DVD. You can change fonts and size of the titles, background color and images or choose entire templates that are ready for you. The software has many different templates with their own fonts, titles, background etc. and of course you can click on Download in the up right corner to import more of those templates from wondershare library. After you design the Menu to appear exactly how you would like it you can click on “Customize Background Music” button at the bottom of the player to import a song you want to play when the user is at the Menu of your DVD.

You can now preview the video. If you like the way it is click the Burn button above, tick “burn to disk” in the new dialog box, choose your burner and then click Burn. Once you click that button, your DVD is going to be ready to play at your DVD player in just a few minutes.

That’s it you can now create your own DVD and give a nice personalized gift to a loved one.

How to Rip a DVD with Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate

Wondershare offers various movie editing software like the Video Editor, the DVD Creator, YouTube Downloader, the Streaming Audio  Recorder,  Video Converter, Player. You can also find several photo editing tools like the Fantashow, the DVD Slideshow Builder and more. All the above software come for both Windows and Mac. Suppose you have used a Wondershare discount coupon to buy the video converter ultimate. Today, I am going to talk about this amazing software, I think it’s Wondershare’s most renown program and I will give you a quick rundown on how it can help you convert a DVD video file into basically any video format you want.

wondershare video converter ultimateInsert the DVD in your player and browse in the software to find the video you want as shown in the image. Select the file to be ripped and then you have a huge selection of different video formats to choose from.

wondershare video converterFor example, you can select different versions of mp4, WMV, AVI, MOV, Xvid, all the MPEG formats and much more. Apart from that you can select any of those presets given there which apply to different phone operation systems like Apple, HTC, Nokia, as well as manufacturers like Sandisk Sansa, which will select the best format, the best aspect ratio and audio that it think you can use for that particular device.

Let’s say you want to convert your  DVD movie to a format readable by an HTC smarphone. Click the HTC icon on the list which will give you a wide selection of all HTC models. After picking your phone model click the advanced settings to see more options for video and audio, like their encoder, resolution, frame and bit rates and channel type.

convert DVD to any file formatYou are now ready to start ripping by clicking on the Start button and the right bottom. However, if you need more special changes, say you want to crop a part of the video or trim its ratio you can do it very easily by clicking the clip video and edit video icons respectively.

When the converting finishes it will appear in a subfolder in the My Documents, called wondershare video converter ultimate and you can then just drag and drop that file on your HTC device or use whatever application you want.

It’s a great piece of software which I highly recommend.


Parallels Desktop for Mac 9 Upgrade Features

The Desktop 9 for Mac version of Parallels is the newest updated of the number 1 selling product that helps you run windows from a Mac computer without rebooting. It delivers more indispensable conveniences, cloud optimization, new OS support and other innovative features you want and need.

Performance matters, so Parallels made the fastest faster again. Here’s a list of my favorite features :

parallels desktop 9 coupon codePerformance

Support for OpenGL and DirectX 10 making 3D graphics and web browsing up to 15% faster. The user can enjoy an up to 40$ increase in disk performance and the virtual machine operations are up to 25% faster.

Optimization for Cloud Use and File Syncing

Say good bye to unnecessary duplication of files locally. With Desktop 9, SkyDrive, Dropbox, Google drive, iCloud are optimized, so you can sync them either to your Mac or the Windows virtual machine.

Power NAP Support

The Power NAP feature now extends to windows and windows apps, so your applications are always up to date.

Enhanced Windows 8 and 8.1 Suport

Parallels Desktop 9 brings back the real Start Menu on Windows 8 and 8.1 and lets you use metro apps in a window instead of a full screen.

Thunderbold and Firewire Storage Device

The thunderbolt and firewire storage devices now connect directly to windows on your Mac.

Easy Multi monitor Set up

when using Windows in full screen and connecting to an external monitor, Parallels Desktop 9 remembers those settings and extends full screen into the monitor.

Mac Features at Windows Apps

Not only do you have dictation for windows but Desktop 9 adds the dictionary lookup gesture in windows apps.

All in One Security Center

Make sure you download and install the complementary security software trial subscription to keep those Mac and Windows safe from viruses and malware. Security center puts it all in one location.

New Virtual Machine Set Up Wizard

now, it’s easier than ever to set up or import a new virtual machine especially on computers that do not have DVD drives.

PDF Printer for windows

Print from any windows application to PDF on the mac desktop even if an app doesn’t have that functionality.

There’s more:

– editable keyboard shortcuts for windows

– significant enhancements for linux guests with share applications, shared folder profiles added support for popular distribution like Linux Mini and Linux Mageia, the latest Fedora.

How Much Does It Cost

With Parallels Promo Coupons things are getting even better. The initial price of the Desktop 9 is $79.99. If you have already an older version and want to upgrade it, then you pay $49.99. Now, if you redeem the promotional code or a bundle offer you will save around 20%.

Pinnacle Video Transfer from VHS

Transfer VGS Tapes to Digital with Pinnacle Video Transfer

Here’s a tutorial of how to use the Pinnacle Video Transfer if you want to convert your old video tapes to a digital format without using a computer and store them in your hard drive or DVDs.

First you have to plug the right cables in the one side of  the transfer device as shown in the image.

pinnacle video transfer connection

Composite Connection: The orange cable is for the video. Its other end goes to the orange jack of our scart

 There are two types of connection: the Composite Connection and the S Video Connection. In both ways the white cable goes to Audio Left and the red cable to Audio Right. However, in the Composite type you are going to be using an orange cable for the corresponding video jack, whereas in the S Video connection you will use the black cable and insert it into the S-Video jack.

vhs to dvd with pinnacle

Scart adaptor which connects the Pinnacle Video Transfer to our VHS. Here, the S Video is used.

Now, you have to connect the VHS to the pinnacle video transfer (PVT) device through a scart adapter. Insert the cables the same way as you did to the device explained above.

Note that you will use either composite way (orange cable) or S Video (black); not both. You will either have the one or the other. Set the switch to the output and insert the scart in the back of the VHS.

Finally, you connect the Pinnacle Video Transfer to power as well as a USB or a hard drive and your turn it on. There three quality options you can choose from, indicated by three led lights. One is good, two is best and three means best. Turn on also your VHS player and pop in a tape.  You now press the play button on your VHS and now you’re ready to tap Record on your transfer device. The blue lights turn to red and the process is on the way. After the recording is complete, wait for a few moments for the device to finalize the video in the memory stick or the hard drive. Once the red light turns back into blue you are ready to remove your storage unit.

That’s it. Your video is now in a digital format (MP4).

Pinnacle Software and Studio Promo Codes

Pinnacle has a long line of products, software and hardware which are used both by amateurs and professional video editors. The Pinnacle software and Intel processors are very compatible. You can also find a pinnacle studio promo code online and take 20% off the price.


Norton 360 Features and Capabilities

Norton 360 is an all-in-one internet security software manufactured by Symantec. The company started in 1989 with its first antivirus product for Mac and gradually conquered the american market. Now it has expanded to cover more needs for home and business use.

In the past a lot of people have been using the Norton products, the antivirus and the internet security, but now Norton 360 has been established which is the next evolution in security.

The norton 360 is the more complete product combing antivirus, anti malware and anti phishing protection, with computer registry cleaning, maintenance and online data backup (2GB). It basically combines all the great Symantec products into 1 security suite. The Norton 360 Premier has all the above plus it gives 20GBs of storage. Now, if you own many devices e.g. a desktop PC, one or two smartphones, a laptop and a tablet and you want to protect them all, you might want to look at the Norton 360 Multi Device.

Pricing – Does Norton Offer Coupons?

The software costs $49.99 for 1 year and 3 PCs or $114.99 for 2 years. If you use the Norton 360 Coupon Code you can have 20% discount.

Here are the four components of Norton 360

features of norton 360

1. Internet security. Basically, this is the antivirus feature of the software which protects you from all the latest viruses, malware, trojans etc. It also has a robust firewall and all the great information and security a user needs to protect a computer

2. Transaction Security. This is another feature people need to be aware of cause it’s going to protect the user from phishing attacks that we often see out there, where you think that your bank is sending you an email and you click on it and it turns out that it wasn’t the bank that sent you that email. Norton 360 Transaction Security makes sure that the sites that you think you are on are not known fraudulent sites and it encrypts your personal private information as it goes across – perhaps your shopping, your online banking, whatever other transaction you might do – and it makes sure that it is not going anywhere it shouldn’t.

3. Backup: You can configure and say which files or folders to upload at your online space. If your computer crashes, if you accidentally delete some files or if your laptop gets stolen, you can download all the files you had uploaded. Of course, the syncing feature changes your files on the cloud up to your last save. Now, should you need more space from the 2GBs you can update your software to the Premier version. After the first backup the software sees only the new information so it’s not going to slow down your PC at all. There’s even a feature in there you may want your backup to happen in 1 in the morning when your PC is not being used, but you may want to get up that time and use your computer; as soon as you start using it while it’s in the middle of the backup, the process pauses in order not to steal the resources and slow down its performance.

4. Computer Tuneup. This feature scans your PC for errors and cleans the registry to optimize its performance. The program makes sure that your PC is healthy, that it doesn’t have a lot of garbage and useless files in and it’s going to clean it up.

In essence, Norton 360 is encompassing all the things that you need to be secure online, to work on a fast PC, to have all your important files backed up and synced.

It’s a great piece of software because it’s a “set it and forget it” product. It’s designed for those people that are really busy, they navigate and interact online and even buying things from the internet but they are not security experts. Norton 360 is really simple to install and it’s going to do all the work for you.

How to Download and Install the Norton 360

Currently there are more than 11 million downloads of norton software per year. This clearly shows the effectiveness of Symantec’s antivirus and internet security services. Also, the ongoing norton coupon policy is giving an extra motivation to users.

This posts will direct you through the process of downloading and installing the Norton products which are registered to your account. First of all go to account.norton.com from the computer you want to install the norton software into. Click the Sign In button and type your norton account email and password. This was the email you used when you bought and registered your product. Once you are logged in you will be seeing all the Norton products which are registered to your account.

norton 360 installation

Find the current product with the correct product name and expiration date and click the Download button to the right as shown in the image above.

Then click on Download on the next page and follow the instructions shown in the pop up box.

download install norton 360

Once you click the Run button the download process starts. After the download is complete the installation step sets in automatically and takes less than a minute, after which the product is ready to work.

install norton 360

Now, click the Explore button to check out the internet security software. All the different components and features of Norton 360 will start working.

Configuring Norton 360

You can now setup the Online backup feature by browsing through your hard drives and selecting those folders and particular files you want saved online. This way you are going to have remote access to those files and of course be able to download them back to your computer should any technical mishap (hard disk crash, pc gets stolen, accidental deletion) takes place. All files are synchronized to the last save.

If you have any problem accessing your norton account visit norton.com/nahelp.