5 Ways Cloud Storage Can Boost Your Marketing Efforts

At first glance, it may seem like cloud computing is best left to the IT department, while marketing mavens concentrate on getting out the company message and building a brand. However, cloud resources can actually enhance marketing efforts through accessibility, security, document organization and recovery and ease of sharing, according to direct response strategist Conrad Flynn.

Cloud-based systems  like Symantec’s Norton Security with backup software, offer secure storage for data you can access anywhere, at any time. Access control settings keep material only accessible to those who need to see it, which can be very important when developing marketing around a new product. Additionally, the cloud’s scalability means you can harness these capabilities without overspending and purchase a larger package as enterprise needs grow, according to Paranet. Finally, software manufacturers give out special rewards, like the latest norton security discount  coupon code, to bring prices down.

1. File Backup

File BackupData loss can seriously compromise business. Keep important files secure by creating a cloud-based backup. In case of hardware failure, file corruption or natural disaster —- say, a fire ruins your offices — you’ll be able to regain those important files. With so many cloud-based backup providers, check out audits including Dropbox critiques and Backup Genie services and reviews to choose the right option for your business. Many providers also offer automatic backup options, so you don’t have make time to manually transfer files on a regular basis.

2. Access Files Anywhere, Any Time

Access Files AnywhereNeed to pitch your logo idea at a business meeting in another city? Don’t worry about saving files to a flash drive or bringing print materials. Simply sign in to your cloud storage service, and show the files to your client. This saves time and encourages increased sharing of ideas, Flynn reports. Plus, you can even access files from your mobile phone. Mobility is key in today’s economy.

3. Share More, Quickly and Easily

share filesNeed to get a client’s approval of a file that’s too large to upload via email? Online cloud storage offers an elegant and free solution. Upload the large file or files to your chosen cloud provider, grab the share link or set the item-level permissions levels, and email the client with the file. Again, as Flynn notes, you’ll save time and make idea sharing and feedback even easier for all parties involved. As an added bonus, you’ll never have to wonder if the file made it past a spam filter or firewall.

4. Collaborate with Team Members

teamMany cloud storage programs have collaborative tools, including chat capability and groups. Use these functions to share materials across a group, and ensure everyone is seeing the same set of documents and working together. This offers easy versioning control, since all materials are kept in one location accessible to all involved. As CNET notes, the cloud is increasingly becoming the expected model of sharing among companies. Most cloud-based applications will also track changes, so it’s easy to see what was changed, when it was changed, and — if notes were used — why it was changed.

5. Quickly Organize to See What’s Working — And What’s Not

Businessman touching virtual cloud

With the organizing functions offered by cloud storage systems, you can sort and store project files together. No longer will you have to hunt for that one image file that has gone missing. Plus, draft materials and abandoned ideas can be easily identified and marked as such to avoid future confusion. Archived files can quickly be found and consulted on an as-needed basis.

If you’re not using the cloud to organize and share your materials, consider this the right time to adopt a cloud-based solution. After all, both colleagues and customers are beginning to expect it, as CNET notes. There’s no universal cloud storage solution, but if you carefully catalog your needs and how you plan to use the cloud, you can easily research and adopt the right solution for your company.

Have you used cloud storage in your marketing efforts? Have you ever used a coupon for norton security software? Share your experience in the comments.

Cloud Storage: Making Use of Virtual Storage Space

hard drive crashNot A Matter Of If But Of When

It is inevitable that one day your hard drive will crash completely. When this occurs, all of the data contained on it will be lost unless you pay expensive data retrieval fees from a technician. Instead of having everything of value to you erased for good, you should consider utilizing cloud storage space. Cloud storage usually is provided by a service that allows users to upload data files for later retrieval from their servers. Even though these services are not free if you desire to save large amounts of data, the price you will pay is much less in comparison to the event of losing everything.

Everyday Cloud Storage Uses

For minimal storage space users, there is a number of services that allow you to create free accounts and upload files for later retrieval in varying amounts. Many times, this free storage space will not exceed a few gigs at most. Another drawback is that the amount of time that the data will remain on the server will be limited as well. If small files and those intended for transfer sake is the main intent of the user, this may not be a problem. For larger applications, such as storage space needed by businesses, a paid account will most likely be in order.

Cloud Storage Cost and Norton Coupon Codes

Many cloud storage services charge monthly fees to users, but usually they do not cost much more than a few dollars per month, especially if you use Norton coupon. For unlimited storage space, the monthly service fees may cost a bit more, but could save a small business in the event of a crash on their end. Just imagine having all tax information stored only on a small business’s hard drive, only to find that the information has been lost indefinitely. This could mean countless hours of going back through paperwork to rebuild this type of information and entering it back into documents for record’s sake. Even a year’s worth of cloud storage space service fees are minimal in comparison to the manpower needed to accomplish this, or even for the one time fee that would be charged to retrieve the information from the crashed hard drive. Not only that, but human error could occur when trying to rush to recreate the record files to compensate for the loss.

Other Reasons to Store in the Clouds

online storageAnother great thing about cloud storage services is the fact that they utilize multiple servers. This means that your files are not located in a single place, but many at the same time all over the world. Even if a small network of hard drives has been configured at a small business, the event of having the actual hardware stolen or damaged is still a very real possibility to consider. Another thing to consider is the fact that one could store private informative files that could otherwise be viewed and stolen by others with access to your computer. Usually, cloud storage services are on top of the necessity for in depth encryption, hence their fees for monthly service. With all the unused storage space in cyberspace, one would be a fool not to take full advantage.

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Pinnacle Studio by Avid: Providing The Best Audio And Video Technology

pinnacle studio couponAvid is the world’s top provider of media technology. It prides itself at the leading developer of the top most, high quality digital audio and video production technology. Its products have been used in a lot of films, audio and videos productions that won awards. The line of products at this firm includes those used for music and videos, TV shows, film stories and many other audio and video productions you may have seen on the big screen.

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What’s new in Pinnacle Studio

Pinnacle Systems has created a wide range of hardware and software products, with its most known in video converter and editing. Here is an example of a device that helps you transfer and convert videos from VHS player to digital format.

Check this introductory video tutorial out, made my PinnacleStudioLife:

What Has The Software Achieved So Far

Avid has won several international awards among which are 2 Oscar® statuettes, a Grammy®, and 14 Emmys®. It is made up professional artists and experts like Storytellers, Musicians, Composers, Filmmakers, Students, Videographers, Producers, Sound mixers, and DJs. They are gathered for a single goal: to develop, test, tweak and advance the technology used in the media industry.

Avid has brought a great revolution to the technology in the media industry with recommendable software. Their services feature exceptional customer support representatives that will help you to bring your vision to reality.

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pinnacle studio promoPinnacle Studio 20 is a creative video editing software built with cutting edge features that make it just the best in the industry. The firm has issued 2 promo coupons which are applicable at checkout and reduce the price at 20%. Here are few of the wide range of features you could enjoy with this slick video software.

Import your media

You can import videos and photos manually or automatically from any chosen device. This feature works perfectly well with camcorders, digital cameras, webcams, tablets, mobile phones, handheld audio recorders, and many others, like tape-based1 and analog devices 1.

Unlimited edit access

You can edit your videos anywhere, anytime with your iPad and the cloud. With integrated unlimited cloud access, you always have your media files handy. This software comes with Pinnacle Studio for iPad2 with which you can edit your work on the go and then transfer to Pinnacle Studio for polishing.

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Where Can You Find Coupon Codes For Avid products and Pinnacle Studio

The company has given out several discount codes for its products. They either give them to their affiliates or their existing customers throught the monthly newsletter. Each coupon can be used once per user and gives 15% – 20% discount. Pinnacle studio promo code can be found at Qetes.com.

Protecting Your Online Banking Account

Online banking allows people the freedom to do their banking from the convenience of their homes. Users can check their account balances, transfer funds and make bill payments any time of day or night. However, many people shy away from this technology due to concerns about Internet security. More than 5,000 people are getting stolen of their banking information daily according to BNA.

Online Banking AccountBanks understand these concerns. Nearly all have instituted several security measures to protect their customers. In addition, there are many things that users can do to further protect themselves and their financial information.

Select a Unique Username

Online banking customers will be asked to create a user name when setting up their account. It is not a good idea to use your email address. Rather, users should select a name that is easy to remember and unique to their online banking account.

Use a Strong Password

It is vital that users create a password that is strong and secure. It should contain a combination of upper and lower case letters, numbers and special characters. Users are strongly advised against using easy-to-guess passwords such as names of pets or family members.

Choose Security Questions Wisely

protect your online bank accountMost online banking systems will require their users to select from a series of questions and provide answers to these questions. These can later be used to verify their identity when logging in. Users should avoid questions that are easy for hackers to guess or discover through simple Internet research.

A person’s mother’s maiden name used to be the standard security question but now almost anyone with a computer can figure obtain this information easily. Answers to questions such as, “What was your high school’s mascot?” are equally easy to ascertain without much effort. Users should select questions that only they could possibly know. If the bank gives the option for users to write their own questions, they should use that opportunity.

Security questions are extremely important.  In the event that hackers obtain a user’s log-in credentials, access to the account may still be denied if they can’t provide answers to the security questions.

Practice Increased Security when using Mobile Devices

Users may find it cumbersome to answer their security questions every time they log in. Most banks will allow them the option of stating whether they are on a private or public computer. If users state it is a private computer, the bank will identify their IP address as such. In subsequent log-ins from that computer, they will no longer be asked to answer the security question. Users may be tempted to indicate that their laptops are private computers; however, because a laptop can easily be lost or stolen, this is not a good idea.

If possible, users should avoid connecting to their online banking accounts when using a public wireless connection. Sometimes, however, users find it necessary to do their banking while travelling and will use hotel or airport Wi-Fi to connect. The only way they can safely protect their information in these cases is to use the added security of a VPN.

Avoid Phishing Schemes

Hackers sometimes use phishing schemes to capture a user’s log-in credentials. They may send an official looking email saying something to the effect of, “it is imperative that you log into your online banking account immediately!” Users will then be provided with a link to their online banking account.

The link will, however, direct them to a site that mimics the actual site. Users may then enter their credentials unaware that they are handing them over to a hacker. People should never follow links to their online banking. Rather, they should type the web address directly into their browser of they should select it from among their saved favorite places.

Following these steps will allow people to remain safe online and prevent unintentional disclosure of personal information.

Kyle Gattis believes the internet should be free and open.  The USA VPN is the tool users can use to increase online freedom. Kyle strives to inform others about the tools available for avoiding restrictions on the web.

Install An Effective Internet Security Software

Internet security software now can protect your banking information and transaction with an extra filter of protection. Norton Security Deluxe has a function which focuses on credit cadr use and banking data. This software encrypts the information you type so all the data the leave your computer are hidden. It is not expensive, cause with a norton security coupon you can get a 20% discount.

Pinnacle Systems and Intel Core i7 processors

These days, there is a really digital lenses explosion and all consumers are actually capturing media in their digital form. More and more this digital content is turning into high resolution.

Is Pinnacle Studio 17 compatible with Intel Core i7?

Pinnacle works with Intel Core i7 The i7 processor by Intel Core helps do HD editing very well compared to others. It´s now becoming possible for mainstream consumers to use configurations based for instance on the core i7 that are going to decouple their power and get them to focus on the creative thing instead of having to wait for the processes to complete.

A video editor might need to have 4 windows flying around their screen which are all high definition scaled windows with maybe an effect on them. To do that in a rendered environment is a long laborious task. With the Core i7 the editors can do that stuff fast.

Pinnacle has been creating hardware and software, related to video recording and editing. Since, the majority of these products are intended to professionals, are quite expensive. You can redeem our Pinnacle System coupons and save from your orders.

80$ Norton Security Deluxe Discount Coupon Code Promo 2017

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norton internet securityHow To Use The Software

Once you open the control panel you see there are three sections:

1. Computer protection: This comes with the insight protection which measures the reputation of your applications when you run a scan and it is powered by Norton Community Watch. Then you’ll see the Antivirus, Antispyware and S.O.N.A.R. Protection features. The SONAR is Symantec Online Network for Advanced Response, which proactively detects unknown security risks in real time on your computer based on the behavior of the applications you are running.

2. Network protection: Here you got the Smart Fire Wall, the Intrusion Prevention, which automatically block internet attacks, aimed at taking advantage of vulnerable programs. Detects and prevents attacks from threats already in an infected computer. Here’s also the Email protection feature which examines emails for threats which get blocked and removed when found.

This video shows how to configure the software and start backing up your files

3. Web Protection: In that part of Internet Security you will see the Identity Safe feature, which secures your identity while you are online; it includes a password manager for one-click secure log-on and form auto-fill for frequently visited web sites. Then, there’s a separate module, called Browser protection, which prevents malware programs and malicious web sites from using browser’s vulnerabilities to attack your computer. The Safe Surfing feature detects and alerts on fraudulent web sites and provides site safety information in internet search results. This sections finally includes the Download Intelligence module which provides information about the safety and reputation of downloads to protect against malware; it helps you weather your downloads are safe to install.

So, as one can see, Norton Internet security suite is a well equipped suite as it has many components working altogether for a completely safe navigation and protect from all today’s threats.

4. Norton Identity Safe is a username and password management program that is generally considered to be one of the best of its kind. It consists of a Windows Desktop client, a web-based vault and various apps for Android/iOS. The most exciting part about this system is that it syncs all your data together between different platforms. Apart from log in details and passwords, you can also manage billing and shipping addresses with this tool. A Wallet widget allows for safe storage of credit and bank account details. Private texts can also be saved with help of a Notes tool.

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With a clean and easy to use interface, you can be sure that this is the best password manager in the market today. All your usernames, passwords and personal information are stored in a convenient and secure way so that you don’t have the hassle of remembering all these details. And the best part is that Norton is offering the entire program as a completely free download.

Coupons and Deals For Norton Internet Security

Symantec has been offering special discount codes for its products. Whereas seasonal for some products or permanent deals, like the Norton security coupon users can save up to 40%.

What is the Rule of Thirds in Photography and How to Use it

The rule of thirds is basically one way to improve the composition of a photo. Instead of taking a normal photo with the subject allocated randomly, the rule of thirds allows you to create more space and emphasize on your subject by giving it a little more prominence, more depth and better positioning.

Most cameras have a grid that divides the LCD screen in nine squares with two horizontal and two vertical lines. These lines can help you use the rule of thirds by placing your point of interest along the four intersecting points. The rule of thirds can apply to most photography scenarios. You will notice a big difference when you shoot portraits, landscapes, buildings or flowers.

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Shooting Landscapes

When shooting landscapes you place the horizon in the lower or higher line depending where you want to emphasize more. If you want to show more of the sky, the clouds or the moon you will place the horizon in the lower line but if you want to focus on the sea or a boat you may want to place the horizon on the top line of the grid. This way you say “this is the most important part of the photo, so I am giving it most of the weight”.

two thirds photography landscape

Shooting Portraits

The rule of thirds can apply to portrait shooting either the subject is near or further away. If you’re shooting headshots you should place one of the top intersecting points between the eyes. This will divide the face equally in two thirds and leave more space on the left or right. Another way to use the rule is to place the top horizontal line on the horizon with the head meeting in in one of the intersecting points. This way you will have a more dynamic view of the subject as well as the background.

two thirds photography portrait

Shooting Buildings

Imagine the third lines and place your building in one of the vertical ones. Then place the horizon in the lower third. There you go! Your photo has a much better composition than just placing the building at the center of your photo!

Shooting Flowers

I’ve seen some amazing quality images of flowers taken by professional photographers with expensive cameras and lenses. The rule of thirds though can be applied even if you’re using your smartphone. Get close to a flower and try placing the camera in one of the intersecting points. Notice the difference of the subject, the space and the background. It’s a better looking image isn’t it?

The rule of thirds can be applied in photos with the help of editing software too. You can edit and crop the image by using the grid in Lightroom or Avid’s pinnacle studio. If you apply the rule correctly, it will change the way you see things. It will give you and the viewer a different perspective.

For those of you who are interested in using an excellent and user-friendly editing tool without spending a fortune, I ‘d recommend looking for a pinnacle coupon and apply it before paying. You will save at least 15% off the price.

Three Photo Sharing and Organizing Apps to Combine With Pinnacle Coupon

You no longer have to wait until you can use your PC before you could send that amazing shot to your friends and family and share it with colleagues and “virtual” friends. With your mobile devices and a few cutting apps, you can share all those wonderful shots and other media files with a single click. Then you can download pinnacle studio to further editing if needed.

Additionally, you also get to make any changes you’d like on your photos and videos before you share them; like add effects, add captions, geo tag them and control their privacy while uploaded on the internet. If this sounds like something you’d like to take advantage of, here are the three apps you need.


Photobucket website is an online photo sharing service that comes with wonderful but simple features. Basically, they allow users to create their own webpage where they can upload and share their photos with anyone anywhere. The free photobucket mobile app allows users unlimited access to their account from within their mobile device. This means you keep enjoying all the features of photobucket with your mobile, including finding whatever you want, taking photos and videos and sharing them.

Basic Features

Instant access – photobucket mobile app lets users take their photobucket with them anywhere anytime. You can search for photos and videos anytime and instantly upload your shots and video clips to your account.

Integration with social media – users can share their photos and videos on Twitter and facebook making it more fun to store photos and use photobucket. You can also download photos from your photobucket account at will.

Manage your photos – you can manage your photobucket albums right from within your mobile phone and tag individual photos for faster finding and access.

Multiple sharing options – despite sharing your photos and videos on facebook and twitter, you can also view links to photos and share them via email or paste the links on your blog.

User’s Feedback

With over 10 million installations and an average of 4 star ratings on Google Play, Photobucket is confirmed as one of the best free photo sharing apps out there for Android users. Most users said this is the best photo sharing app they have used and commended several of its versatile features, like its automatic photo uploads, armful of sharing options and the ability to geo-tag.


  • Photobucket is free
  • Comes with top-notch photo managing capabilities
  • Users can share their photos and videos on social media, via email or blogs
  • Auto uploads ensures you have your latest shots in your photobucket album


  • Be careful of the kind of shots you take as everything gets uploaded to photobucket
  • Users can only upload 10 minute videos

Picasa Mobile

Picasa is an online image organizer and viewer combining top notch photo editing tools with photo sharing applications. Picasa Mobile is a mobile app created by Jeff Pruett to allow Picasa users complete access to their Picasa account. With this app, you can upload, view and manage your photos just like you would with a PC.

Basic Features

Display featured photos – get access to the Picasa Official Featured Photos as thumbnails. A click on any of the thumbnails will open a HD photo you can view, save on your sdcard or use as your wallpaper.

Top-notch photo editor – you can add effects, redeye, contrast, and draw and customize your photos to suit your taste. You can also resize your photos before upload.

Picas search – you can search Google Picasa public photos from within the app and save to your favorite queries.

Effective photo management – manage your web album, view photos in slideshows, follow people and get their latest uploaded photos on your device with the ability to view and add comments.

Multiple Google accounts – Picasa Mobile supports multiple Google accounts. It also supports a wide range of Android devices running Android 2.2 and higher.

User’s Feedback on Pinnacle promo code

With an average of 4.3 star ratings and over 10 million installs from Google Play, users describe Picasa Mobile app with words like “this is what I’ve been looking for,” “it is so user friendly,” “it is so easy to use,” and many others. Many said they were able to transfer photos and media files from their mobile to their home PC with no hassles. According to a user, Picasa Mobile app is a great app in a great price and I totally agree.


  • It is free
  • It supports multiple Google accounts
  • It comes with professional photo editors
  • Users are offered effective means of managing their photos


  • Features may not work properly with devices running on Android versions below 2.2


Smugview is an iOS application designed for those who would love to have the best SmugMug experience from their mobile devices. It allows users reliable access to their SmugMug pictures and videos from their iPhone and iPad.

Basic Features

It works perfectly well with iPhones and iPads allowing users to manage their favorite galleries synchronize galleries for easy offline access to their media files and explore their galleries in list or grid view. Users can share their gallery link with any person anywhere with the ability to copy or save their pictures to their camera roll. You can view your videos on your TV with AirPlay if you have AppleTV. Additionally, you can configure slideshows and display EXIF information. You can customize the picture and video size and make the app work to your personal preferences by setting it up in iOS Settings. You can also use a pinnacle studio promo code to buy it for free.

User’s Feedback

SmugView for SmugMug has gathered quite a huge fan base with many users rating it as one of the best apps for SmugMug. It is obviously the best app for an enhanced SmugMug experience. To express their satisfaction with this app, users used words like “it is a great companion to SmugMug,” “a great app to spice up SmugMug,” “simple and elegant,” among others.


  • It is relatively affordable at $2.99
  • It supports a wide range of devices including iPhone 3GS and above, iPod touch (3rd generation and above) and iPad.
  • Allows users to effectively manage their photos and videos with good media sharing options


  • App may not properly work on old iOS devices
  • Now you read it all, my take on the best three apps you can use to share and organize photos. Surprisingly, you can also record, edit, organize and share videos with them.

Source: qetes.com

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Common Entry Points for Targeted Attacks

online-securityWhether your company is a huge organization with thousands of employees and millions of dollars of assets, or a small business with just a few employees and a lower net worth, you are vulnerable to cyber-crime. There are criminals who want to steal your company’s assets, including money, information and strategic intelligence – and in some cases, stop you from operating altogether.

Every year, businesses lose millions thanks to these targeted attacks, in which a criminal hones in on a particular organization for a defined purpose. These attacks differ from opportunistic attacks, which are designed to wreak havoc in general. Consider the two types of attacks like fishing: targeted attacks are like using a pole and hook with a specific type of bait to catch a specific type of fish. Opportunistic attacks are more like fishing with a net. You might catch the big one, but you’ll get a lot of little ones in the process, too.

Most large companies are aware of the fact that they are prime targets, and employ sophisticated systems and knowledgeable experts to try to protect themselves from attacks. However, attacks against small businesses are on the rise: as of June 2012, more than 30% of all targeted attacks were against businesses with fewer than 250 employees, more than twice the number of similar attacks only six months earlier.

Hackers are going after smaller businesses as stepping stones. By breaking into small business internet systems, the criminals can gain access to the large businesses with more assets—and many small companies don’t even realize they are vulnerable.

Big internet security software manufacturers like Symantec Inc, specialize in protecting large information systems, servers and computer networks. Symantec’s business software like the Endpoint protection software specializes in protecting companies from hacking and malicious threats. Companies can buy bundles of 70 or more licences and get all their systems covered. Of course Symantec gives discount coupons for such large orders.

What Makes Small Businesses Vulnerable to Attacks

There are certain areas on your network that make it easier for criminals to gain unauthorized access to your business. These include:


These days, most people are fairly savvy about when to open or click on an e-mail and when to delete it. However, criminals are also becoming more sophisticated, making it more likely that an unsuspecting employee will click on a link, not realizing that it’s effectively opening the door to the criminals. It’s still common, for example, for criminals to use mass mailing worms that are attached to e-mail messages. When the user opens the executable file and allows the worm access to the system, it can access user names and passwords, collect information about the network, infect other machines on the network and lead to additional downloads of other harmful programs that can devastate your system.

Instant Message

Instant message is a popular tool in offices these days, as it allows employees to communicate quickly and efficiently. However, like e-mail, it can be used to spread harmful viruses, malware and worms. In some ways, it’s even more dangerous, because in general you need to know someone in order to send them an instant message, and employees are more likely to open files or links from co-workers or business contacts.

Social Networking

The explosive growth of sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest has created a fertile playground for cyber criminals. Although these sites have security controls in place, it is surprisingly easy for hackers to gain access to personal information—and wreak havoc—through social media. Small businesses need to keep tight control of social media access.

Faulty Anti-Virus­­

Many small businesses rely heavily on antivirus software, but unfortunately that’s not always enough. Criminals run their programs against the latest versions of antivirus software, looking for vulnerabilities, and exploit them. It’s important for organizations to have more than just antivirus protection.

Reducing Vulnerability

While it may not be possible to reduce 100 percent of the vulnerability to attack, you can significantly reduce your risk.

First, it’s important to understand that IT security is a process and needs to be constantly evaluated and updated. What worked even one or two years ago will not work now. Engage the services of experienced professionals to help assess your risk and recommend steps to secure your network and data.

Second, educate your employees on the latest threats and establish policies to reduce vulnerability. Establish strong authentication and password protocols and teach users how to identify suspicious messages in e-mail, IM and on social media. Taking these steps will reduce your risk, and help keep unwanted intruders out of your business.