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Antivirus apps on Android – Do you really need them?

What Are You Looking For In An Antivirus?

You might be thinking if it’s worth it buying an antivirus application for your smatphone or would it be a total waste of your money? In fact it depends on what you are looking for; it depends on what you are looking to get from an app like that.

If you want an antivirus program because you are scared you are going to download an app that has a virus, a malware or whatever you want to call it, and you download all your applications from Google play store, then forget about it. You don’t really need one because Google catches most of the malicious apps before they get published into the Play Store. Even if a malicious program manages to pass they are going to catch it within a few hours or a couple of days the most, and when they pull it off the market it’s going to automatically be pulled off from your phone as well. So, even if you happened to be one of those unlucky people who downloaded it – by the way it is going to be a new one but new apps don’t usually rank high in the searches, so you would have to look at the New Apps section in the Play Store – one day you are going to wake up and it’s going to be off your phone.

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What You Should Really Look For In An Internet Security App

Google takes care of that for the most part but if you are one of those who also download programs from other sources – other than Google’s market – I would recommend you having an antivirus app because you are not going to have the same level of protection. You never know what the developers or whoever is making those apps, might have put there.

But, honestly, from the whole malware and antivirus perspective I don’t realy care that much. I don’t have antivirus in my phone for that reason. But what these programs offer you goes beyond plain anti-malware protection. Mobile Security applications give you the ability to track your phone if you lose it or if it gets stolen (when I say track, I mean GPS location). Also, you can send to your phone secret text messages with your password that you set up when you first installed the app. Using this feature, you can remotely lock your phone’s screen and prevent somebody from getting into it. If somebody switches the SIM card it will allert you right away.

Norton Mobile Internet Security

norton security couponYou can do a whole batch of things. For example I use the antivirus app by Norton. This app helps you quickly find and protect your devices when they go missing. You can set up for screen alarm to see if your tablet if phone is just hiding somewhere nearby. If that doesn’t work you can quickly pinpoint the location of your mobile device on a map and then remotely lock it so people can’t use or see what’s on it. Wipe it clean if you think that it’s been stolen and even use the built in camera to snap sneak photos of whoever is using it.

Norton mobile security also keeps your mobile world safe from online threats and annoying intrusions. This includes checking apps and updates for all kinds of threats without slowing down performance.

You can even backup all your contacts from android, iphone and ipad, so you can get them back quickly if they get lost or deleted, or shared them across different devices. Finally, this app lets you control this protection on all your different devices from one convenient place on the web. So, check out Norton Security Coupon to buy this multi-device, multi-featured app in discount as well.

As you see, this is a complete solution which can be installed in many different mobile devices and get your files backed up, shared and protected from any threat you can imagine.

Last but not least, software vendors and manufacturers now offer very competitive deals through discount coupons they give out from time to time. For example, Norton and Pinnacle Systems have an ongoing coupon marketing policy which gives up to 20% discount. Take a look at the recent pinnacle promo code here.

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