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About Norton's Software And Deals

Symantec has created a series of high performing internet security and registry cleaning software which are updated regularly according to new malware and viruses that emerge online. Norton Security Deluxe is the top from the Norton Security line of software. It is an all-in-one tool providing not only antivirus and anti theft protection but also online backup and hard disk optimization. Watch the video below for a quick review of Norton Security and enjoy a nice discount with the norton security premium coupons below.

Norton Premium Security Coupon: My Personal Money Saving Story Through Norton Deals

A couple of years ago, I bought a 2-year internet security protection from Norton. It was the Norton Security Deluxe, the top internet security software my Symantec. An all-in-one antivirus, even with backup service. My subscription ended last week so I thought of trying their new version since it concentrates all the necessary features of a complete antivirus suite and can be installed in many devices. Symantec sent me a special norton renewal coupon code as a reward for being their customer. Just a week before my registration would end, I received in my email what was actually a discount link that took me directly to a deal page with their 20% off offer already activated.

Does Security Backup Get Cheaper With A Norton Coupon?

For new users, Symantec has given out norton discount codes which are applicable to the 2-year registrations. The initial price is now $169,95 and when a norton promo coupon is applied it goes down to $134,95. You can run through the most known coupon sites and search for a norton deal. You will definitely come up with the most recent promo. This new product is a marvelous protective program that runs with the Symantec recovery Disk to provide a full and reliable data backup and protection for your computer. It is a package designed to solve the Saving and Restoration issues among business men and PC owners. It combines several features together, as you will see below, with which it provides unequal delivery of data saving and restoration services.

What Is Norton Save And Restore?

In our day-to-day business and personal activities, there is always need to ensure an adequate and reliable protection of documents, financial records, photos, music, videos, presentations, minutes records, to-do list, and any other file or folder of high priority and even the less prioritized ones. This is where Norton Save and Restore comes in handy. It provides advanced backup and recovery services for your computer giving you full security and control to all your documents, files and folders. No more should you cry over file loss or theft as Norton Save and Restore is they to provide you with maximum security and reliable backup services.

The user interface is made very simple and allows customization. With this feature, you can schedule backup operations to be performed as you like. For instance, you can customize it to run a backup automatically on a day to day basis, on occasions as you will specify, or you can start your backup operations manually. You can pin backup operation to the starting or ending of certain programs, or when a certain quantity of data has been put into the disk. This enables you to easily restore your files, documents, and other necessary data if your computer should encounter any problem. Accidentally deleted data, files, and folders, can still be recovered, giving users free mind and enabling them to concentrate, only, on their day to day business activities.

Norton Save and Restore blows away your loss and computer difficulties as it provides you with your full data and operating system which puts you back in the working state. Most of all, your backups can be scheduled to run after you are done working with the computer. Norton save and Restore takes care of itself and your data and provides effective Save and Recovery of data services.

Features and Benefits Of Norton Save and Recovery

  • User friendly; the user interface is made very simple and easy to use. Actions and operations are simplified which takes away complexity and difficulty. Also the advanced page is suitable for experts as it provides the total features of this product at a glance.
  • One of the things that weighed upon buying a symantec product again, was the norton renewal coupon I got from the company. Their email which explained the various improved features of the software showed me that these people are serious professionals and appreciate their customers. So, yes, one of the benefits you get with norton is the discount you are granted.
  • It supports Windows Vista; this product is undisputedly compatible with Windows Vista and other versions of Windows, which increases its acceptability and operation.
  • It is very easy to setup; Norton Save and Restore setup is made very easy with the “Easy Setup”. This option is available during the first installation which makes your first backup operation simpler and faster than you think. The package comes with the help option, readme file and user’s guide, which brings the user in complete terms with the product.
  • Reliable data backup; despite the choice of backing up all your data, personal and business files and folders of more importance could be chosen instead. This helps you prioritize you backup operations, especially when there is limited space to use. This system detects when a new disk is added to your backup system and will help you change to the new destination with just a click. It can also run an automatic backup operation when it detects certain changes or program activity. Also, with the Maxtor OneTouch external drive, one can easily run a backup without even starting the Norton Save and Restore.
  • Effective management interface; Users can schedule, edit, and improve backup operations. Existing backup schedules can be easily re-scheduled and or edited to run at several recovery points. With a backup calendar, you have unlimited access to your backup history; providing you with your past, present and future backup schedules. Effective throttling customization helps users to decide how their backup operations should be carried out when they are working.
  • Easy recovery record and platform; It provides a complete record of your recovery points enabling you to search for any given file or folder faster.

Where To Apply Norton Renewal Coupon

If you are visiting norton.com for the first time, I’d recommend you open an account with your name and email and you will soon get an offer to buy from them. That is if you are not in an emergency of buying an antivirus. If you are looking to buy one right now or you want to renew your current subscription, just search on Google for norton renewal discount codes and you will get one. Apply it at checkout and you’re ready to save.

How to Apply Symantec Coupons For A Norton Discount?

Symantec Inc. issues norton promo codes that are applicable at checkout and reduce the final price up to 60%. Once you selected your software and you are ready to check out there’s a promotion code field just above the total. Click the corresponding link at the beginning of this page and copy the code from the popup box and paste it at the field.

Norton Security Deluxe is a comprehensive toolkit for dealing with any virus, spyware, malware or other nastiness that can attack your computer. It’s generally considered the best on the market. Microsoft Security Essentials is another program that gets rave reviews. With these two antivirus weapons in your arsenal, your computer will run even better than ever, right?

Actually, no. Many people don’t realize this but it’s not good to run two real-time scanning software protection programs at the same time. That’s why it always asks you if you want to uninstall the old one when you install the new one. This is not a clever trick by Norton to eliminate its competitor’s programs. There’s a good reason why it does this.

Two Programs that Don’t Get Along

The problem isn’t unique to Norton Security and Microsoft Security Essentials. Any two antivirus software programs will fight with each other. Internet security programs don’t get along with each other because they perform essentially the same tasks. Furthermore, they perform a complex array of tasks. So, you can imagine how they’ll end up stepping all over each other.

This is different from, for example, a web browser that only performs one simple function – connecting you to the web. You can run multiple web browsers with no problems.

The Cause: The Real-Time Scanning Issue

Antivirus programs do two types of scanning. One type is scanning your computer for files that look like viruses. You can run multiple security programs to do this because all their doing is searching your computer and reporting back to you.

The other type of scanning is called real-time scanning. The program scans each file that your computer downloads to look for viruses. If you install a second real-time scanning program, it’ll detect the other internet security program that you’ve got installed and ask if you want to uninstall it. If you choose not to, they’ll both run but you’ll have a slow computer that crashes often and restarts mysteriously.

In some cases, actually having multiple antivirus programs running can compromise your security even more. Norton Security and Microsoft Security Essentials may do this, and that’s why Norton warns that you not do it.

Uninstalling Your Security Program

When you install a new security software program, it’ll ask you if you want to uninstall the old one. This is a pretty standard feature of security software these days. If it doesn’t, or if you choose to uninstall what you’ve got now, you can do it manually. However, it’s important to keep in mind that as soon as the software is uninstalled, your computer is completely unprotected and vulnerable to attacks.

If you’re running Windows XP, open the ‘start’ menu, click ‘run’ and at the prompt, enter appwiz.cpl. If you’re using Windows Vista or Windows 7, search for appwiz.cpl in the ‘start’ menu’s search box. You’ll get a list of all of the programs that are installed on your computer. Click the ones that you want to uninstall and then restart your PC.

Other Coupon Options

If you want to double up your security but you don’t want to have performance problems, there are on-demand scanners that you can use for free online. Two of the most popular are Super AntiSpyware and Malewarebytes. Both of these programs will scan your hard drive for malware and they won’t interfere with your other antivirus programs or your computer’s performance. The important thing to keep in mind is that it’s real-time scanning that leads to performance problems and compromised security. Whatever discount codes you’re going to use, as long as they don’t reduce the price in real-time, you shouldn’t have any problems. This is why security experts recommend picking one good coupon to use.

Norton’s new services: Power Eraser

Let’s face it. It is not uncommon to have one or two bugs that seemed glued to our PC. Do whatever you have to and there they are; reboot, use any tool you can think of and delete them as many times as you think is necessary, and still they are back. If you have had your share of this unfortunate computer problem or perhaps you are looking to ensure you never experience it, what you need is Norton Power Eraser.

Norton Power Eraser is amazing computer disinfectant tool that can single-handedly get rid of all those deep-rooted security risks from your system. Most hard-to-remove security risks tend to impersonate legitimate applications. Norton Power Eraser comes with both detection and removal capabilities designed using more aggressive techniques that spares no threat wherever it may be hidden.

What Does Norton Power Eraser Do?

Norton Power Eraser is a solution designed for those viruses and crimeware that the regular virus scans can’t detect. It is perfect for those persistent and stubborn pop-up windows trying to get you to download security software or perhaps those alerts telling you that your PC isn’t secure. Norton Power Eraser will completely remove those programs that infected your system, including those hard-to-remove threats, rootkits, and other unique crimewares like scamware that cost people millions of dollars annually. For Norton’s all-in-one security, cloud backup and tuning software clickhere.

Features of Norton Power Eraser

User-friendly interface – Norton Power Eraser comes with a user friendly environment that presents zero learning curve to users. Once you open the application, you will see the three main features; Settings, History and Scan. The Scan button will let you initiate a system scan. With the Settings button, you can choose to conduct a Rootkit scan, Multi-Boot Check, and Log Settings. Through the History button you can access the Log to review previous jobs. You can use this data to diagnose what actually went wrong with your device.

Comprehensive scan result – You don’t have to be tech-inclined to understand the displayed scan result. Against each item displayed in the result the application will give appropriate label to tell you the level of risk it poses to your system. Additionally, you will be presented with options to either keep or remove an item with the click of a button.

Easy to use – You can have your system cleaned in as little as 3 steps (for the first time user). Simply start your Norton security program. Install the Norton Power Eraser, and when prompted select the scan to begin a scan operation. Once the scan completes, select suspicious files you wish to remove from the scan result and click Fix. The system will reboot and completely wipe off the selected files in the process.

Why Use Norton Power Eraser?

  • It is a free security risk detection and removal tool
  • It is a no-fail solution to use when you have persistent pop up notification, alerts indicating that your antivirus program is infected, consistent prompts asking you to register or buy a solution, and those fake Blue Screen of Death messages.
  • It can help expedite your helpdesk processes
  • It improves productivity by helping users to return to work more quickly – talk of reducing employee downtime. Additionally, it lifts certain tasks off your shoulder: tasks like reimaging of systems, workstations and restoration of files. With Norton Power Eraser, no backup and restoration of files are required.

What You May Not Like In Norton Power Eraser

This tool is designed with a very aggressive technology that spares no threat, even those that tend to impersonate legitimate applications. To this end, the tool may occasionally flag legitimate applications as culprits. Hence it is advised you go through the scan result and carefully select applications you would like to remove. That goes without saying that you should only use Norton Power Eraser when you have exhausted other possible options of fixing your system. Read also about Pinnacle promo codes here.